"Cloud + future" Tencent cloud technology leadership summit (club member registration channel)

Qianhai, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong September 15, 2015 17:20 - 09:00

Meeting introduction

Tencent cloud will be held in September 15th in Qianhai, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong held a cloud + future Tencent cloud technology leaders summit. This is a Tencent cloud technology summit, Tencent technology coffee willComing to the general assembly to share the forefront of cloud computing technology, analysis of cloud computing technology roadmap; take you to see the future of cloud computing world ecology.
We especially for CTO club members to win a limited number of friends, so you get a lot of hot technology to share the surrounding cloud computing, and the field of colleagues have a better communication,Places are limited, welcome to register as soon as possible.

The summit will be coming with great coffee: Tang Daosheng (Tencent social network business group president, group senior executive vice president), Hu Yanping (DCCI Internet data center founder), Yao Xing (Tencent, vice president of the company), Bie Hongtao (Tencent, vice president of the company)... , and numerous Tencent users and industry representatives Hu Yuanxing (the Giants game Nebula studio head), Tan Zhenlin (dragon ball video CTO), Xing Hongyu (58), Lu Daohe (Qianhai micro public bank) respectively from the games, video, mobile applications, the financial sector of digging technology application scenarios, deeply embedded in the industry, comprehensive analysis, I believe you will benefit a lot.
(more guest list can be viewed "conference schedule")

It is worth looking forward toAt the summit, Qiu Yuepeng (vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent, head of the cloud) will lead the development team Tencent cloud product launch new release, to share the future of new product plans.

Cloud + future Tencent cloud technology leadership summit
time: September 15, 2015 (Tuesday) 9:00-17:20
placeQianhai Shenzhen overseas Chinese town JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong (specific to the mail / SMS notification)
Cost: free of charge (quota is limited, we will confirm the invitation and notification in accordance with the order of registration).
form: only invited to participate in the invitation
Registration link:
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Entry mode: in order to guarantee your participation as a club member,Please pass the above "club member registration channel" link to sign up, do not sign up through the official website.

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Cloud + future Tencent cloud three major aspect:
A.Leading technology to interpret the future application prospects
Conference six months ahead of schedule, elaborate preparation, covering cloud computing, big data, cloud security technology field. The future trends in technology and industry outlook focus interpretation.
A.Content closer to the business
Tencent user site share separately embarks from the games, video, mobile applications, the financial sector, digging technology application scenarios, dark tie industry and comprehensive analysis. Roundtable discussion more Tencent technology MontanaWith the industry representatives, the wisdom of the collision, I believe you will benefit a lot.
A.The clash more dry cargo sharing
This feast is not only the home of Tencent cloud, or a three-dimensional technical feast. You will get a cloud computing surrounding many of the technologies of spark, safety, operation and maintenance of automation, how to deal with Gao Bingfa, how to build a global architecture, efficient data protection, OpenAPI, off-line distribution of CDN, and other hot technology sharing.

Assembly schedule

15 days in the morning
time Subject orientation Guest speaker
09:00-09:30 Registration of the meeting, attendance admission Host
09:30-09:40 Speech by government leaders Government leadership
09:40-09:50 Leadership speech Leader
09:50-10:00 Leadership speech Tencent Inc social networking business group president, senior executive vice president of the group, Tang Daosheng
10:00-10:20 Guest speaker DCCI Internet data center founder, Hu Yanping
10:20-10:40 Guest speaker Vice president of Tencent Inc, Yao Xing
10:40-11:00 Guest speaker Vice president of Tencent Inc, Bie Hongtao
11:00-12:00 Tencent cloud team released a new link Vice president of Tencent Inc, the person in charge of Tencent, Qiu Yuepeng + Tencent cloud product R & D team
12:00-14:00 Lunch and rest
15 PM
time Subject orientation Guest speaker
14:00-14:05 Afternoon opening Host
14:05-14:25 Guest speaker Tencent data platform department head, Jiang Jie
14:25-14:45 Guest speaker Tencent security platform department head, Yang Yong
14:45-15:05 Game industry keynote speech Giant game Nebula studio responsible person, Hu Yuanxing
15:05-15:25 Video industry keynote speech Dragon ball video CTO, Tan Zhenlin
15:25-15:45 Mobile application industry keynote speech 58 city, Xing Hongyu
15:45-16:05 Financial industry keynote speech Qianhai micro public bank, Lu Dao and
16:05-16:25 Guest speaker Tencent cloud services security center director, Wei Xiong
16:25-17:20 Round table Industry guests

Entry mode:Club members please use the ID CSDN when you join the club to sign up for registration
(if you forgot to bind the ID number, you can contact us by phone or email)

Time and place

  • Time: September 15th 09 - 00 points - 17:20
  • Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong Qianhai, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town

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