O2O electricity suppliers how to use the cloud +APM to create the best user experience

Dandelion Convention Center 2015 09, 19, 17:00 - 13:00

Guest speaker

Chen Wei

Zero line CTO/CIO/ Technology Vice President / Chief Engineer Guest: 2007 in Japan Lotte in design research and development of the international version of "Lotte, is mainly responsible for the payment and allocation of the module to build; in 2010 to join No. 1 shop, organize and lead the team to complete the whole system of No. 1 mall, and is responsible for supplier platform upgrade; 2012 as a co-founder together to create the zero line takeaway food platform

Ting Wang

Daily fresh CTO/CIO/ Technology Vice President / Chief Engineer Guest: graduated in 2008 in the Stuttgart University of computer science and technology professional, 2014 and into daily and fresh served as CTO of the company, responsible for the company's technical team building and business background research and development. Pay attention to SOA, electric business technology framework, agile development

Yang Jinquan

Listen to the cloud R & D department manager Guest introduction: Java probes key R & D personnel, the Java byte code technology, JVM memory management, class loading mechanism has a more in-depth study. From 2010 began to focus on the application of the field of research and research and development, leading to listen to the cloud Server research and development team, in a limited period of time released a high stability of listening to cloud Server products. Now listen to the director of cloud R & D

Meeting introduction

Winter is coming, the O2O user experience, you have to do!
Behind the big boom in O2O mode
China's O2O Venture Company and investors are faced with a dilemma.
The fragility of the chain of funds and the low cost of the crazy competition
All become a shadow of the halo
Today, the user experience has become a new product value
When the core competitiveness of products and technology
Product competition is essentially the competition of user experience
How to get the golden in the winter before the arrival of
O2O user experience, you have to do!

Meeting schedule

time activity theme Guest speaker
13:00-14:00 sign in
14:00-14:40 Venture Company how to use external force to help their system Zero line CTO Chen Wei
14:40-15:00 Q&A link
15:00-15:40 Fresh electricity suppliers website architecture options Daily excellent fresh CTO Wang Ting
15:40-16:00 Q&A link
16:00-16:40 Application performance optimization in the cloud Listen to Yang Jinquan, director of cloud R & D
16:40-17:00 Q&A link

Topic of speech

Chen Wei zero line CTO

1, the introduction of zero line platform

2, from a technical point of view of what our business characteristics

3, how to solve the pain points

4, some of the results achieved

Wang Ting daily excellent fresh CTO

1, IT architecture

2, the land alone

3, order delivery

4, the expectations of the cloud

Yang Jinquan listens to cloud research and development director

1, what is the application of performance management

2, Java server application performance monitoring and management

3, tools and techniques (Logs, JMX, Metrics + Ganglia, Insight Spring, byte code)

4, based on the technology of byte code to listen to cloud Server solution

  • Super dry cargo out of the winter This Way!
  • Space Open open discussion face lecturer
  • The surprise welfare "three body" trilogy hardcover edition

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Time and place

  • Time: 09 13 19 hours 00 minutes - 00 hours 17 minutes
  • Location: Shanghai city Zhabei District Pengjiang Road No. 602 Daning will be easy to park building e 2F

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