AnyOffice HTML5 2015 Huawei application development contest

Online April 23, 2016 - March 26, 2016

Activity information

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Free ticket 17:00:00 2016-03-25
Total cost: Free Application participants

Meeting introduction

[introduction] activities

BYODIs a blue ocean full of opportunities, but this trend, application developers may need to face a lot of problems, such as difficult to reach target customers, product without publicity channels, enterprise customer market to expand. Any one would like to separate for the enterprise to provide a complete mobile solutions are very difficult. Now you can easily solve the problem of a good opportunity to!

HUAWEIAnyOffice 2015 HTML5Mobile application development contest has been launched, ten thousand yuan prize waiting for you to take! Outstanding applications also get settled in HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud financial incentives, HUAWEI mobile app store shelves, with HUAWEI's global sales network, to promote the tall. Also wait for what, fast to register it!

[award setting]

First prize (OneName):Fifty thousandelement

Two and other awards.TwoName):Twenty thousandelement

Three and other awards.ThreeName):Eight thousandelement

Finalists AwardTwentyAverage value can be obtained.One thousand and five hundredGift, and in the award will be on-site to take the form of random extraction.


[activity schedule]

November 6, 2015 officially started

Online training course in January 12, 2016Free entry)

Salon of February 27, 2016Free entry)

The March 26, 2016 submission deadline, began preliminary

April 2, 2016 expert assessment, and announced the finalists

April 9, 2016 finalists submitted to the team video

April 16, 2016 announced the final list of winners

2016 on the scene in April 23rd to preach and award

More awards, awards rules and submission process, please pay attention toHUAWEIAnyOffice 2015 HTML5Mobile application development contest official website.

Welcome to joinForum areaQQ group (ID:108310847, or scan the two-dimensional code below) to participate in the development of the exchange and discussion.

Time and place

  • Time: March 26th 09 - 00 points - April 23rd 17:40
  • Location: Online

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