CSDN "save class" phase third: Nginx server entry

Online January 20, 2016 21:00 - 20:00

Guest speaker

Wen Tianle

UCloud integrated development center architect Introduce the guests: the Tin Lok, ucloud comprehensive development center director, more than 7 years of Internet and it R & D related experience, worked in business school, royal and online, Shengtai Yun, senior R & D engineers, Shengtai Yun monitoring and billing products development of person in charge. Current UCloud comprehensive development center director, is responsible for the comprehensive management of data analysis, account billing system, network, multi account and other platform project development.

Meeting introduction

January 20, 2016 (Wednesday) 21:00 - 20:00

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Curriculum arrangement

20:00 - 19:30 login through the e-mail address the network classroom, check your computer is able to listen to the normal class
21:00 - 20:00 keynote speech (Wen Tianle
And Q&A

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Curriculum outline

1, Nginx server working principle, characteristics, and explain the advantages
1.1 what is the C10K problem Libevent (select, IOCP, epoll, kqueue) synchronous blocking, asynchronous non blocking
1.2 mainstream web server contrast (Nginx, Apache, Tomcat)
1.3 Nginx features (cross platform, configuration is simple, non blocking, high concurrent connection, event driven)

2, Nginx server environment installation and configuration 
2.1 installation (yum, brew, manual compilation)
2.2 configuration section introduction
2.3 best practices  

3, Nginx server example application   
3.1 common applications (nginx/nodejs nginx/php)
3.2 optimization of static file access efficiency
3.3 load balancing

4, Nginx's future position and current trend    
4.1 plus nginx
4.2 openresty
4.3 nginx extension development


1, "save" class activities of the course is online live video interaction, using the three split screen mode, so that you feel the real classroom environment.
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3, broadcast address will be issued to you in your mailbox and SMS alerts in the course of the day before, please check! The first day of the course again and text messages to remind you on time in class, the specific time to mail, SMS notification shall prevail!


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Number of participants:
Four Seven Nine

Time and place

  • Time: 20 in January 20th 00 points - 00 when 21 points
  • Location: Online

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