"DARE TO CREATE" geeks Park Innovation Conference

Chaoyang District, Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, road, No. 4, PARK, 751D, Beijing fashion design Plaza, 79 Beijing fashion design Plaza, 751 cans, January 15, 2016 - January 17, 2016

Meeting introduction

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General introduction:

GIF---- has the guts, the interesting innovators must not miss the Carnival
Have a bile, interesting and innovative enterprise year-end summary, review the past year all worth bearing in mind the important moment
Have bravery, interesting innovators and innovators to share the greatest idea and practical experience with the honor of the ceremony.
Prospective analysis on innovation and business innovation, pointing to the next 1500 days are not far away in the world leader the pinnacle of brain storm geeks
Discuss how to innovate, inspire how to create change
The geek product Academy Awards, the most innovative inventory change products

Conference agenda:

Future headlines for the year
Karanick Travis Uber Founder & CEO
Zhang Xiangdong, founder and CEO of the 700Bike
Qi Junyuan, founder and CEO of the Teambition
Chen Xuejun, founder and CEO
Dai Ruoli, Nuo Yiteng, co founder & CTO
He Tao | electric co-founder Xiaopeng
Ni Fei | Nubian CEO
Yan Wenbin | Naga CTO
Bai Yu - | lounge CEO
X Forum
Cassidy Mike Google, vice president of X Project, Loon CEO
Ron Lior, vice president of product management for Google
Rus MIT Daniela computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Director
Kim MIT Sangbae bionic robot laboratory director
Hong Xiaowen, President of Microsoft Asia Research Institute
Geeks Park Annual innovation open class
Ge Ke Kingsoft office software CEO
Fang Yihan pleasant loan CEO
Li Zhifei to go out and ask the founder of the Ticwatch and CEO
Li Tiantian, founder of Ding Xiangyuan
Li Dongmin, head of Baidu map director
Luo Yonghao, founder of the hammer technology and CEO
Change Maker The annual business variable Forum
Sculley John before the apple CEO
Wu Xinhong, founder and CEO of the United States.
Huang Wang | of China Science and technology CEO
Zhou Hongyi | Vokey tiger 360 Founder & CEO
- Summer honing | Xiaopeng electric CEO
Luo Zhenyu, founder of logical thinking
Wang Xing, founder and CEO of the United States
Wang Xiaochuan Sogou CEO
Markoff John "New York times" senior science and technology reporter, Pulitzer prize winner
Zhang Chen, Jingdong group CTO
Weir Andy, the author of "Mars rescue"
Li Kaifu, Chairman & CEO of Innovation workshop

Number of participants:
Zero Eight One

Time and place

  • Time: January 15th 09 when 00 points - 10 in January 17th, 05 points
  • Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, road, No. 4, 751D, PARK Beijing fashion design Plaza, 751 Beijing fashion design square 79 cans

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