2016 for the first time in Shanghai Meetup Spark

Shanghai City, Changning District Admiralty Road No. 968 building SOHO8, January 23, 2016 - 13:00 - 16:00

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At the beginning of the new year, the Shanghai meetup Spark the first wave of technology event! 2016 January 23 (Saturday), Intel will be Ctrip jointly held in 2016 the first spark meetup. The invitation from Ctrip, Splunk and Intel data experts and everybody share spark technology and practical experience, the lucky audience will get a signed version of the spark technology books.Venue seating is limited, please sign up for it.

Place:Shanghai City, Changning District Admiralty Road No. 968 Building No. 8 SOHO volley (lobby sign, there will be guidance)

Schedule /Agenda -January 23rd

13:00 - 12:30 sign in in /Sign

13:10 - 13:00 opening of the white /Opening (Zhang Yi, the head of the big data platform)

13:50 - Spark 13:10 natural language processing in Ctrip Raiders practice (Li Jian, Ctrip community, development director)

14:30 - Splunk 13:50 & Spark (Tao Gang, Splunk Shanghai architect)

- 14:30 - 14:50 break /Tea break

15:30 - Drive Best Spark 14:50 Performance on IA (Yu Lex, Intel Senior Software Engineer)

16:00 - 15:30 exchange time time /Networking

Opening Keynote: /Opening Zhang Yi, the person in charge of the big data platform Ctrip

The /BIO: undergraduate and graduate students are Zhejiang University; 2015 joined Ctrip, promote the evolution of Ctrip data platform; to large data underlying Hadoop framework, hive, spark technology and data warehouse construction technology slightly research.

speaker1: 1/SpeakerLi Jian, Ctrip Raiders community, development director.

/BIO: graduated from Shanghai Univer, bachelor degree, Graduate School of computer science. Since entering the network in September 2013, has served as an introduction to the background of community development director, data group director, in natural language processing, image recognition and processing research.

Share theme Spark /Topic: natural language processing in the practice of Ctrip Raiders

Overview of NLP /Abstract:: technology, sentiment analysis, feature label extraction, feature word extraction, travel automatic text summarization, knowledge mapping relationship extraction, the current research direction.

Speaker 22: /SpeakerTao Gang,SplunkShanghai Architects

Personal introduction /BIO:2000 graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, currently in Splunk Shanghai as an architect, responsible for data collection and technical architecture cloud platform products. Prior to joining Splunk, has worked in SAP, EMC and other companies, responsible for the development of ERP, BI and storage management products. Tao has a wealth of enterprise product development experience, the data science, data visualization and machine learning and other fields have a strong interest.

Share the theme Splunk Spark & /Topic:

Splunk /Abstract: is the industry's leading machine data platform, Splunk is also the industry's first big data companies listed on the nasdaq. This presentation introduces the basic functions and technical architecture of Splunk, and discusses how to use and integrate Spark data processing on the Splunk platform.

speaker3: Lex Yu 3/Speaker,Intel Senior Software Engineer

Personal introduction Yu /BIO:Lex, Intel Senior Software Engineer, contributor Spark, is committed to the performance of large data technology optimization and development.

Sharing theme Drive Best Spark Performance on IA /Topic:

Summary: /Abstract: optimization is a very important link in the development of Spark, the optimization can improve the performance of more than 10 times. Here we share the Intel has long tuning experience summary, and shows a using the latest PCIe SSD technology to accelerate the process of scheme. Finally, we reveal the root cause of SSD can be accelerated by Profile IO.

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  • Time: 13 in January 23rd 00 points - 00 when 16 points
  • Location: Shanghai City, Changning District Admiralty Road No. 968 Building No. SOHO8 volley

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