Hadoop hero will - Cum Hadoop 10 anniversary birthday

Beijing January 29, 2016 20:30 - 16:00

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"Hadoop hero will - and Hadoop 10 anniversary birthday"Love love will gather all open source, big data technology, people love Hadoop, for Hadoop's birthday.

Since the project was officially launched in February 2006, just ten years, we witnessed the gradual development of Hadoop has become the most successful in the past ten years, the process of open source community.

L core Hadoop in the current code line number: 1 million 700 thousand +

L since 2006 to submit a number of Hadoop: 12000+

L since 2006 to the core Hadoop code contributors: 800+

The number of projects in the Hadoop l ecosystem from 2 in 2006 to 25

There are always those time node event is worth our mind:

L January 2006, Hadoop's father, Cutting Doug joined YAHOO;

L January 2006, Cutting stripped the Hadoop code from Nutch as a new sub item (often called Hadoop "Genesis" event);

L March 2006, Yahoo! Created its first Hadoop research cluster;

Google l released the initial BigTable paper "Cutting: a distributed storage system for structured data", inspired the creation of Hbase;

L January 2008, Hadoop became the top Apache project;

L July 2008, Hive, the first SQL Hadoop access framework (invented by Facebook), has become a new Hadoop sub project;

L August 2008, Pig's Apache release, the first Hadoop advanced SQL framework;

L May 2010, Hbase, the first new data storage project since HDFS, becoming the top Apache project;

L March 2012, HA HDFS, as an important step in the enterprise level applications, incorporated into the Hadoop branch of the project;

L November 2015, Impala and Kudu became the Apache incubator project;


Over the past decade, Hadoop is not downwind downstream, still remember the Hadoop 2.0 release before dominance is at stake, and many enterprises face when the NoSQL and newsql strong incoming technology selection problems.

However, now Hadoop has been recognized as the most popular big data processing platform. A complete data ecosystem was constructed with various items of the Hadoop ecosystem around big data storage, calculation, analysis, display, security and other aspects, now HDFS, yarn and other projects become more de facto standard for mass data storage and computing resource scheduling.

At the moment of the elephant boom, CSDN sincerely invites you to share with Hadoop the story that has to say, to witness the birth of Hadoop ten years after the birth of the technology and the trend of the technology.

Here both keynote speech, but also a passion for discussion, as well as a wealth of gifts, more Hadoop's birthday Party.

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