CSDN2016 annual meeting package

October 2016 01, 16:50 - December 31, 2016 16:50


Discount tickets

Package type Basic Edition Enhanced version Shared Edition
Price $12000 $25000 $52000
2016 CSDN annual conference tickets 8 tickets 20 tickets 50 tickets



Payment instructions

Alipay to pay

Account information:Meeting@PROG3.COM

Reminder: Alipay for real-time arrival, please keep your Alipay in the pay enough money, not to support the credit card payment

Enterprise transfer payment

Company name: Jiangsu known as Computer Co., Ltd.

Bank of China: Wangjing branch of China Merchants Bank Beijing branch

Bank address: No. 15, No. 1 South Lake South Road, Beijing, Chaoyang District

Bank account:110914311910104

Ticket rights:

The package contains a number of tickets for CSDN2016 annual pay any meeting, but only the number of tickets package contains the excess will be in accordance with the sale of normal ticket price to buy
The rights and interests contained in the rights and interests are equal to the tickets sold during the same period, but not applicable to the limited time gifts (including conference lunches, souvenirs, etc.)
This package does not apply to special pay and training
The package used in time for the January 2016 -2016 year in December 31st, offers up to June 30, 2016
The right of final interpretation rights owned by CSDN package
Invoice in 15 working days from the fare in the mail, can the invoice content for the technical training fees, technical service fees, service fees, conference fees, conference fees, conference services, note that each month 25 days - 8 days next month in the financial filing process not invoiced, please Pro understanding, please try to stagger the time of payment

Overview of the 2016 CSDN Conference 

Database of April 22nd SDCC series Conference

The framework of SDCC series conference in April 23rd

May 13-14, China Cloud Computing Technology Conference 2015 conference ticket reference price 3700 yuan

Chinese artificial intelligence conference July2015 conference ticket price of 2500 yuan

September 23-24 China Mobile Developer Conference 2015 conference ticket price of 2200 yuan

November 18-19 Chinese software developers conference 2015 conference ticket price of 3600 yuan

December 8-10, China big data technology conference 2015 conference ticket reference price 3500 yuan


Common problem

Q1: if you want to refund the ticket, can you refund the full amount?

A: tickets are sold without refund.

Q2: if the mail deleted cause ticket is lost, how to ensure the normal ticket or attend the meeting?

A: you can contact team or in your participants the day with identity card and ticket purchase invoice ticket.

Q3: my registration date on the Internet is within the deadline limit, so that I can enjoy the time limit?

A: No, enjoy the limited time offer deadline, is to receive your payment date (your playing date).

Q4: how do you inquire about the status after the payment has not received a reply or ticket for a long time?

A: when you pay successfully, you can check your account information (remember your username and password), fill in the information of the participants can not be changed again, click the "ticket printing" button for electronic ticket printing.

Q4: how do you get tickets and invoices to limit the number of prints?

A: conference uses two-dimensional code electronic ticket. When you have successfully paid, you will receive electronic confirmation mail and confirmation SMS, please print electronic confirmation mail (including QR code) as an electronic ticket. The invoice will give you the express, please fill in the registration information to fill in detailed and correct contact information.

Live participants

Q1: must the participants carry tickets? Will customers show other ID cards to participate in the meeting?

A: please be sure to bring tickets (QR code) to participants. When signing in, this will be the only voucher for you to enter the venue.

Q2: if the customer has something temporarily not available after the ticket purchase, can other people participate in the meeting with the tickets of the participants?

A: Yes, you need to before the start of the meeting will be electronic tickets (two-dimensional code) forwarded to you instead of participating personnel, when the ticket to the can, but a piece of electronic tickets (two-dimensional code) only one entry participants.

Q3: can you buy tickets on the day of the conference? If yes, do you need to register on the website ahead of time?

A: Yes, because the process of on-site ticketing is more, in order to reduce the time, please go ahead of schedule to the conference registration site "live ticket" channel registration purchase.

Place of activity

Time: 16:50 October 2016 01 December 31, 2016 16:50

Location: Beijing

Active contact

Contact: Ms. Yan

Telephone: 010-64348410

Mailbox: yanwt@PROG3.COM