China Artificial Intelligence Conference 2016

Liaoning, Beijing building 08, 2016 26 - 2016 08 27

Meeting introduction

In the summer of 1956, an academic conference held at the University of Dutt Maus (Dartmouth) in the United States, many years later was recognized as the starting point for the study of global artificial intelligence. 60 years later, artificial intelligence has become a hot concept, and into the public view. From the Internet, cars, smart home, to various fields of robotics, artificial intelligence is usher in a blowout type innovation, and is about to enter the golden age of development.

In order to guide and promote the research and application of artificial intelligence in China better, in Chinese science and Technology Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the guidance of the China artificial intelligence society sponsored the 2016 Conference on artificial intelligence, Chinese China automated scientific research institute and co host of CSDN (CCAI 2016) will be held in Beijing in August 26-27. The conference will bring together artificial intelligence in the field of domestic top experts and scholars and industry professionals to communicate and discuss on the current hot topic, and for human-computer interaction, machine learning, pattern recognition, and other topics in the discussion forum and industry practice, and strive to build a country in the forefront of artificial intelligence platform.
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Time and place

  • Time: 08 09 26 hours 00 minutes - 08 18 27 hours 00 minutes
  • Location: Haidian District, Beijing, North Fourth Ring Road, a number 2, Liaoning building

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