Docker to release the infinite potential of the cloud

Beijing City, Haidian District Haidian Street 3, tophere electronic Xiamen A block 2 layer Yi Chong space in 2016 07 months 09 days 14:00 - 18:00

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Meeting introduction

Docker fire was so long, finally to you


But... .


Kubernetes or Mesos?


How to fully Docker?


How to deploy Docker across clusters?


How to compatible with the existing CI/CD process?


The container down how to do?


Monitor log how to do?


These questions are not just to make you difficult?


Even want to give up the use of Docker?


Don't be discouraged, July 9, spirit bird cloud, snowball, watercress, Archie art line advanced siege lion zone for many years times pit experience, take you to spend three hours, bypassing the future to the pit of take the N years, you for docker no longer pattern Tucson broken.



The correct way to open Docker


Chang Jiang: cloud architectAWS certification solve solution architect, does hardwork docker application and private cloud platform construction of to assist our clients and in docker, openstack, disaster recovery technology has a rich experience in the use of.


Share profile:Docker technology from 2013 began sweeping the world, such as general, Goldman Sachs traditional giant companies, small to the Internet start-up companies are trying and using Docker. But the real practice process is not smooth, a lot of details of the problem will kill everyone's enthusiasm for Docker. Chang Jiang will share the experience and skills of using Docker in the production environment, mainly including:


  1. Environment variable file

  2. Multiple processes, superviord

  3. Service discovery mechanism

  4. Jenkins

  5. Log collection

  6. Remote login

  7. Docker disaster recovery


Snowball Docker practice


Dong Mingxin snowball SRE engineer,The main responsibility is to ensure snowball stability, improve resource utilization and improve development efficiency, etc.. Pay attention to the technological development of the container ecosystem.


Share profile:The paper mainly introduces the evolution of the Docker in the test, pre release and production environment, as well as the evolution of the network model, service discovery, log collection, monitoring and so on.


Docker in the practice of broad bean


Liu Tianwei, senior software engineer,2013 joined the DAE group, mainly engaged in the development of PaaS platform and reptiles.


Share profile:The transformation of the watercress private cloud platform DAE container for online / pre release / sandbox /QACI/ local development and environmental comprehensive docker of and were introduced emphatically. Mainly include:


  1. The process and structure design of the container of the DAE platform of broad bean

  2. Problems and solutions encountered in the practice of Docker


Iqiyi CI/CD practice based on Docker


Yang Chengwei Iqiyi, assistant researcher,Open source software users and enthusiasts, developers, iqiyi assistant researcher, responsible for computing platform based on the elasticity of mesos, docker technology. Prior to joining iqiyi, in Intel's open source technology center in MeeGo / tizen development, and have the honor to become DBus upstream Commiter.


Share profile:Iqiyi at present within the company has several sets of code management, CI/CD while supporting SVN/Git, this share mainly introduces iqiyi currently provided in the QAE CI/CD and some practice CI/CD service.



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  • Time: 07 14 09 hours 00 minutes - 00 hours 18 minutes
  • Location: Beijing city Haidian District Haidian Street 3, tophere electronic Xiamen A block 2 layer Yi Chong space

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