CTO club into SF headquarters

Shenzhen (specific points will be notified by mail / SMS notification) 2014 09, 19,, 17:00 - 13:30

Meeting introduction

The rapid development of China courier industry, SF 21 years always walk in the front. To strengthen infrastructure construction, actively developing and with the introduction of high-tech information technology and equipment, and constantly improve the operation automation level, constantly optimize the network construction, SF is realized to express product transfer to monitor information of the whole process, all links, tracking, query and resource transfer work to ensure the steady improvement of the quality of service.
This period into business activities will lead the CTO club into SF headquarters,SF groupITvice presidentXu Qingqiang, demand analysis expert Zhong Yanqing, director of product research process will share the ancient SFERPThe innovation system construction of the road and SF in the Internet era.
Time:September 19, 2014 (Friday) 13:30-17:00
Agenda of the meeting:
13:30-14:00 guest sign in
14:00-14:10 host CSDN and "programmer" editor Liu Jiang opening
14:10-14:20 SF groupITXu Qingqiang, vice president of the welcome speech
14:20-15:20Share the theme 1: Phoenix-SFERPRoad of system construction
Share guests: Zhong YanqingSFRequirements analysis specialist
15:20-16:20The theme of sharing 2: Internet innovation SF exploration
Share guests: Gu Lifu SF product development director
16:20-16:40 interactive discussion
16:40-17:00 visit & Photo
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A series of activities held since has entered France Telecom, innovation works, UFIDA Software Park, grand innovation hospital, watercress, Microsoft, the U.S. mission network, Jingdong Mall, Amazon, AWS, Alipay.com dangdang.com, Tencent, Haier and other enterprises.
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Activity report

[CTO] the club into SF headquarters activities graphic memoir
[CTO] the club into SF headquarters activities graphic memoir
SF group vice president IT Xu Qingqiang: information technology supporting high quality service
SF group vice president IT Xu Qingqiang: information technology supporting high quality service

Time and place

  • Time: 19 at 13:30 on the 09 day - 00 hours 17 minutes
  • Location: Shenzhen city (specific points will be notified by email / SMS notification)

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