CTO club went into the house of the car.

Beijing city (specific points to the message / SMS notification) in 2014, 26, 9, 17:00 - 13:30


The car was founded in June 2005, in December 2013 in the New York Stock Exchange listed, believe that they must have a lot of success behind the technology and mode of learning.The activities will be brought into the enterprise members quest car home.


Time:September 26, 2014 (Friday) 13:30-17:00


Meeting agenda:
13:30-14:00 guest sign
14:00-14:10 host CSDN and "programmer" editor Liu Jiang opening
Jia Zhifeng, vice president of technology at 14:10-14:20Welcome speech
14:20-15:00Subject sharing 1:The road to the car's home community mobility
Share guests: Yang Lei, home research and Development Department of the automotive Architects
15:00-15:40Subject shares 2: to talk about the auto industry's big data gold
Share guests: Zhong Hua, director of research and development of automotive R & D department
15:40-16:20Subject shares 3: "the interests of consumers in the first place" in the Automotive Technology Department of the embodiment
Share guests: Ye Mingdeng, a senior research and development of automotive technology expert
16:20-16:40 interactive discussion
16:40-17:00 Tour & Photo              

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A series of activities, held since, has entered France Telecom, innovation works, UFIDA Software Park, grand innovation hospital, watercress, Microsoft, meituan, Jingdong mall, Amazon AWS,, Alipay, Tencent, Haier and other enterprises.
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Time and place

  • Time: 26 months 9 days at 0
  • Location: Beijing city (specific point of message / SMS notification)

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