CTO club open class - to explore how to become a technical team manager

Tianjin (specific points will be notified by mail / SMS notification) October 10, 2014 17:00 - 13:30

Meeting introduction

CTO club "open class" is to provide a platform for exchange and learning for more members and non members. This open class will go to Tianjin.Tianjin Hongqiao District, science and technology, Tianjin Software Association, Hongqiao District, Internet technology development and application of industrial alliance's support vigorously. Club specialInvited technical management experts, to share with you how to become a team of technical management.


Time:October 10, 2014 (Friday) 13:30-17:00


Agenda of the meeting:
13:30-14:00 guest sign in
14:00-14:10 CSDN and "programmer" editor Liu Jiang opening
14:10-14:15 Tianjin Software Association President Guo HongqiWelcoming speech
14:15-14:20 Tianjin District of Hongqiao city science and Technology Commission Director Zheng Dandi speech
14:20-15:00Theme sharing 1:Give you a team how do you manage
Sharing guests: Yang Lidong, the author of "micro management"
15:00-15:40Theme sharing 2: the way to solve the problem of enterprise information construction with the way of the process
Share guests: executive vice president, Xin Peng Donghua Software Co., Ltd.
15:40-16:20Theme 3: agile thinking training sharing team self management disposition.
                       Share guests: Xie MingambitionIBM global agile community leadership team members
16:20-16:40 interactive discussion
16:40-17:00 visit & Photo              


Special reminder:CTO club membership fee, CTO members, have the right to participate in priority.


Guest introduction

Yang Lidong

The field of team management practitioners, the forerunner of various management practices, with rich experience in the management of technical team. At the California State University at Fullerto, a master's degree in computer science, China Europe International Business School EMBA. Had in the storm, the soft melting Xin, iSoftStone company director, vice president and CTO positions to create Rui Tianle consulting company, is currently in development a passenger platform, Lianchuang network.

Xin Peng

Master of the Tsinghua University. The IT industry for more than ten years early worked in the Hisense Group, middle group, digital, after the domestic well-known workflow vendors Oriental e-way served as product manager, workflow, architects, technical director, vice president of technology. Current domestic well-known IT listing Corporation, Donghua software company, executive vice general manager of the Department of land and real estate.

Domestic senior workflow and BPM domain experts. In the government and business consulting, training, solutions, product design, enterprise architecture, IT architecture, and other aspects of a strong professional ability. Beijing bank IT department, Shang Xuetang and other organizations to provide enterprise architecture, IT architecture and BPM aspects of the training, the Software Institute of Peking University to do a course lecture.

Aalst der, founder of van W.M.P., the founder of the workflow model, recommended the first integration of the industry process management and process technology of the original monograph, "the eternal way of the process," a Book of the author. China open process community founder, jBPM-side Open Source Workflow project sponsor. In the "computer integrated manufacturing system CIMS" (published by the EI included), "programmers", InfoQ Chinese station, "software world" and other professional core journals or media published a number of technical articles. The recent 4 years of successful leadership of 3 million level of large-scale software project solution design and development implementation, has accumulated rich solutions, analysis and design, organization and implementation, and other aspects of the experience.

Xie Mingzhi

IBM global agile community leadership team members, registered agile consultant, SCRUM fellow and IBM global agile official spokesman. There are 10 years of IBM agile R & D, agile testing, agile technology support, agile management, agile consulting experience, but also for many of the world's top 500 companies to do agile consulting and agile transformation services.Software product delivery, software product life cycle delivery management, software development system construction, software R & D KPI and measurement system establishment, human resource management, human resource management, human resource management, personnel training and potential;

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Time and place

  • Time: 13:30 in October 10th - 00 hours 17 minutes
  • Location: Tianjin city (specific points will be notified by email / SMS notification)

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