2014 Financial Technology Summit

Chaoyang District, Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, No. 4, 751D, PARK Beijing fashion design Plaza, October 17, 2014 17:30 - 08:00

Meeting introduction

The 2014 financial summit, by small and micro financial services group (Alipay) organized by the CTO Club special support for the welfare of members. Including big data and financial technology two sub forum. Small and micro gold suit will combine its own experience in the field of Internet banking and many financial institutions, experts, scholars and other common discussion of the new era of the Internet to promote financial product innovation, create business value, to achieve open, sharing, innovative financial technology environment. Is an open exchange of financial and big data technology.


Time:October 17, 2014 (Friday) 08:00-17:30

Place:Chaoyang District, Beijing, Jiuxianqiao, 4, PARK 751D fashion design Plaza Beijing

Sign in time:8:00-9:00

Agenda of the meeting:
Morning: big data financial sub Forum - financial innovation in the era of big data 9:00-12:20
question Distinguished guest
Speech at the summit Small and micro gold suit CTO Cheng Li
Small and micro gold suit big data technology and dreams Small and micro gold service platform data person in charge Feng Chunpei
The application of real time data analysis in the financial field CTO graphsql Jin Ruoming
Analysis and application of risk network based on large data Small and micro gold clothing senior expertZhang Ying
The application of big data in the financial field Bank of Jiujiang CIO Xiao Jing
Big data in the application of Internet insurance cases to share Small and micro financial data team leader He Yong
Afternoon: the new financial base technology sub Forum - when the financial met the Internet 13:30-17:30
question Distinguished guest
Innovation and development of financial infrastructure in the mobile era Jin electric company information research institute deputy director Shen Yifei
Financial reform in the DT Era Ali cloud senior expert Cong Yonggang
From electronic banking to Internet Banking The general manager of Shanghai rural commercial bank network finance department Shang Yang
Financial innovation from an international perspective CTO Eunjoong Lee BANKWARE
Small and micro gold suit financial innovation practice Small and micro gold clothing technology based on the person in charge of Hu Xi
Financial Technology Salon: when finance meets the Internet Chief architect of small and micro financial services, financial institutions, experts


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Time and place

  • Time: October 17th 08 - 00 points - 17:30
  • Location: Beijing, Chaoyang District, Jiuxianqiao,, No. 4, PARK, 751D Beijing fashion design Plaza

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