[MEMBER] packet round-trip travel in welfare eBay big data summit in Shanghai

Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel October 25, 2014 17:30 - 09:00

Meeting introduction

October 25th, jointly organized by the CSDN, eBay big data summit will be held in the Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel. At that time we will join hands with a number of leading data experts from abroad, we serve a big data technology feast. Whether you are concerned about machine learning, data warehouse, Hadoop, or system architecture field; whether you are a data engineer or system architects; whether you come from electricity, games, the Internet industry, or financial, medical and other traditional industries -- here, we believe that you will find what you want to hear the issue and find you would like to meet friends, learning, you need to know about.

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Registration requirements:
  • 1 members of my industry / company belongs to the field of large data;
  • 2 member I have some influence in this field;
  • 3 members I have active microblogging / micro channel and regular updates, will be in, after the meeting to share the feelings of the participants.

To meet the above requirements of the CTO members of the club, after approval, we will assume round-trip travel and accommodation costs during the event.

Activity schedule:
Entry modeClub members, please sign up with ID CSDN when you join the club.
(if you forgot to bind the ID number, you can contact us by phone or email)
CTO club members can enjoy the rights and interests:Personal home page, regular meals narration, the new weekly, discounts, programmer magazine, tickets for the general assembly, talent recruitment, limited benefits, VIP channel, monthly donation, exclusive events, intimate secretary,View details.


Time and place

  • Time: October 25th 09 - 00 points - 17:30
  • Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

contact us

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