[CTO club membership benefits] 10 seats to participate in the MDCC heroes will be dinner

Beijing new Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel November 1, 2014 21:00 - 19:00

Meeting introduction

October 31st -11 2, 2014 MDCC mobile developers conference sponsored by the CSDN and innovative workshops will be held in the grand Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing. November 1st evening, the General Assembly will be heldLine heroes will be dinner.

We specifically for the CTO club members to provide a friend of 10 guests seats, so you have a better communication with the field of colleagues, to get to know the industry chain downstream partners. Welcome to sign up.

timeNovember 1st 19:00-21:00
placeCrowne Plaza Hotel Beijing new Yunnan
ParticipantApplication developer, well-known game producer, mainstream tools / platform for people, technology, the industry leader, VC

Registration notice:
1 party participants are required to enter the paper invitation.
2 through the audit of the CTO club member friends, we will contact you, give you express paper invitations.

Special reminder:CTO club membership fee, have the right to participate in priority.

Entry modeClub members, please sign up with ID CSDN when you join the club.
(if you forgot to bind the ID number, you can contact us by phone or email)
CTO club members can enjoy the rights and interests:Personal home page, regular meals narration, the new weekly, discounts, programmer magazine, tickets for the general assembly, talent recruitment, limited benefits, VIP channel, monthly donation, exclusive events, intimate secretary,View details.


Time and place

  • Time: 19 in November 1st 00 points - 00 when 21 points
  • Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing new Yunnan

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