Amazon and CTO talk about cloud computing ecosystem construction

Beijing International Hotel Convention Center December 12, 2014 15:40 - 12:50


On 12 December 2014, CSDN, programmer magazine will jointly AWS, at the Beijing International Conference Center Hotel jointly organized "meeting on CTO Club @ AWS summit", when Amazon CTO Werner Vogels will visit the site, and cattle industry, cloud technology enthusiasts and business leaders to discuss cloud computing ecosystem construction.

Vogels was appointed as CTO and vice president at the beginning of 2005, and began to be responsible for the global Amazon architecture design, as well as technical innovation, including cloud computing. Have said that Vogels personal influence is to determine the Amazon's cloud computing an important factor in the leadership in the field of one, he made the bottom, also do the management technology of high, both in the academic study achievement, and take into account the commercial implementation. He aimed at their field consistent and enduring. After joining Vogels, Amazon blog writing also began to turn, from before the main talk about their research results, to more products as a guide, to introduce more popular technology and industrial ideas.
Time:December 12, 2014 12:50-15:40
PlaceBeijingHotel Internazionale Conference Center
Scale:20 people
Form: only limited by the invitation to participate 
12:50-13:20 guest sign
CSDN& 13:20-13:30 "programmer" editor in chief Liu Jiang opening speech
13:30-14:00 Application Century 21st Architectures
Share guests: Amazon Werner Vogels CTO
14:00-15:30 roundtable discussion: talk about cloud computing ecosystem
15:30-15:40 posed for pictures

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Time and place

  • Time: 12:50 in December 12th
  • Venue: Beijing International Hotel Conference Center

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