CTO club into Hangzhou

Hangzhou December 19, 2014 17:50 - 13:00

Meeting introduction

timeDecember 19th 13:00-17:50
Activity agenda:
13:00-13:30 sign in
CSDN 13:30-13:40Editor-in-ChiefLiu Jiang, UPYUN co-founder Shen Zhihua opening speech
UPYUN CTO 13:40-14:30 Huang Huipan: cloud platform for large-scale cluster monitoring architecture interpretation
14:30-15:20 UPYUN director of operations Shao Haiyang: on the Cloud Architecture and operation of Art
15:20-15:40 tea
15:40-16:30 CTO Feng Dahui: DXY entrepreneurial team management experience and lessons
16:30-17:20 CTO Yue Xuqiang: Mushroom Street entrepreneurship team on Technology
QA 17:20-17:50 & free exchange

Guest introduction:

Huang Huipan (oneoo), CTO UPYUN
Is also the author of the Web aLiLua development framework. In 2010 joined the network and began to shoot cloud storage related technology research and development work. 12 years of experience in the Internet industry, technical experience covers a wide range, early is the front-end Web development oriented (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS), the latter gradually transferred to the underlying R & D direction (Linux/C/Lua). Currently lead a team responsible for CDN systems and the underlying distributed storage systems research and development work.


Shao Haiyang, UPYUN operation and Maintenance Director
From Hangzhou Linux user group, Sina microblogging "the heart of the @ Ocean - Wukong", senior maintenance system architect, amateur writer, is committed to open source software and cutting-edge technology research and exploration. Proficient in network and system management, and customization of embedded system, security, defense and CDN acceleration, Internet high performance network and architecture design, NoSQL forerunner, distributed file system CEPH, virtualization and openstack cloud platform to research new technologies, like communication, active in the community, product very involved in the organization and dissemination of open source activities.


Feng Dahui, our CTO
The famous Oracle expert, China Hiroshi, the number of micro channel public operators "hearsay". Worked in our office Alipay, database architect. From June 2010 Alipay left, joining DXY as CTO.


Yue Xuqiang, mushroom street CTO, co founder
In 2004 to join Taobao, participate in and lead the core business system to build, in 2007 began to be responsible for the construction of Taobao service system. By the end of 2010 to leave the business, set up and led the mushroom Street technical team, to support the rapid development of mushroom street and business transformation, there is a wealth of architecture design and technical team management experience.

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Activity report

[Photo] December 19th CTO club into Hangzhou
On December 19, CTO club into the Hangzhou, invited UPYUN CTO Huang Huipan, DXY CTO Fengtai Hui, mushroom Street CTO Yue Xuqiang bring massive cluster of cloud platform architecture for monitoring, the Cloud Architecture and operation and maintenance as well as corporate entrepreneurship team management experience and lessons to share the theme.

Time and place

  • Time: December 19th 13 - 00 points - 17:50
  • Location: Hangzhou

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