CTO Club approached the dark clouds (WooYun)

Beijing January 17, 2015 16:00 - 13:30

Meeting introduction

time: January 17th (Saturday) 13:30-16:00
Activity agenda:
13:00-13:30 sign in
13:30-13:35 opening speech
13:35-14:10 cloud network co-founder FengGou:2014 years of domestic hot spot security event analysis
14:10-14:45 cloud network partner, dark cloud knowledge base SecDragon: from the data interpretation of the development of Internet products common security issues (and recommendations)
14:45-15:00 tea
15:00-15:20 cloud measurement technology person in charge of the ValOAnd cloud partner, cloud platform for the public platform for the person in charge of 301:fromPublic testCase study of enterprise security 
15:20-15:40 cloud operating Meat Product Manager / soap: in addition to loopholes, what can be done to help the enterprise cloud?
QA& 15:40-16:00 free exchange
Speaker and topic profile:
FengGou - cloud network co founder
80Sec core member of the well-known domestic security team, has found a large number of independent Web site system and Microsoft IE browser applications such as high-risk security vulnerabilities. Before the establishment of clouds, Meng Zhuoceng served as high in SinaLevel security architect, is also one of the early safety rules of sina Weibo, one of the designers.
Speech topic: 2014 domestic hot spot security incident analysis
Topics Abstract: in 2014, the clouds loophole platform vulnerabilities more than 4, involving all walks of life in the country. So, in the past year, what are the more important security incidents, and where the enterpriseSome reference meaning? In this event, the clouds and the participants will share the vulnerability platform Meng Zhuo.
SecDragon - cloud network partner, dark cloud knowledge base person in charge
Insight-labs core member of the national security team, has published a large number of heavyweight security technology articles, and often found in the country's major Internet Co at high risk of vulnerability.
Speech topic: the common security problems of developing Internet products from data interpretation (and suggestions)
Abstract: relying on the actual case of the clouds and their own experience, to list the ten major types of vulnerabilities affecting the security of Internet products, from the point of view of the white hat to explain how to detect the security of enterprises.
Valo - dark cloud platform as a responsible person in charge of Technology
Dark clouds core white hat, is also one of the core of the black clouds on the fastest rising white hat. Proficient in Web security, penetration testing, has repeatedly found a serious flaw in the domestic Internet Co.
Three hundred and one-Dark cloud partner, cloud platform responsible person
Dark clouds core white hat, has been working in the domestic well-known security consulting company as a senior security adviser, is responsible for the safety risk assessment, penetration testing, security consulting, safety training work in Web security,Penetration testing has many years of experience in the field of combat.
Topic: following the case to see enterprise security
IssueAbstract: as a community based on the dark clouds grow up security services, dark clouds have covered a number of traditional financial services, Internet banking, SaaS, APP and other fields. The event, dark clouds of the public test technologyResponsible person will pass the latest test case, to share the security issues encountered in these areas.
Responsible for the operation of dark meat
Security circles known beauty white hat, has issued a large number of banks, Internet Co and electricity suppliers business in the dark clouds.
Soap - "all powerful" Product Manager
In many fields such as market research, product positioning and product design, and so on. Before joining the dark clouds, she was responsible for App and product design.
Speech topic: in addition to loopholes, black clouds can also help companies do?
IssueAbstract: in 2015, relying on nearly a million white hat and massive data resources, clouds will also bring what services?

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Time and place

  • Time: 13:30 in January 17th - 00 hours 16 minutes
  • Location: Beijing

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