CTO club meeting: Silicon Valley incubator YCombinator those things

Beijing near Wangjing (specifically by email / SMS notification applicants) 01 2015 12 August 18:00 - 19:00

Meeting introduction

time: January 12, 2015 (Monday) 6
place: near Wangjing, Beijing (specific points will be notified by email / SMS notification).
Topic discussion:
YCombinator those things
American big data, enterprise service market, the financial industry experience and sentiment
Intelligent hardware
Jakubiuk Victor
DataNitro founder and CTO, in 2012 graduated from the MIT computer professional, very interested in intelligent hardware.
DataNitro 2012 for Silicon Valley's most prominent incubator ycombinator. Its products are calculation engine based on their own development, the user can in Microsoft Excel using Python to do data analysis, can greatly improve the processing speed, mainly for the financial industry.

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Time and place

  • Time: 01 18 12 hours 00 minutes - 00 hours 19 minutes
  • Location: near Wangjing, Beijing (specific points will be notified by email / SMS notification)

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