CSDN community online training: micro channel public platform detailed introduction

Live webcast on 2014 26, 4 20:00 - 22:00

Guest speaker

Liu Feng

Introduction: one of the pioneers of micro channel public platform application development, perennial active in the CSDN community, and in the CSDN blog wrote a series of micro channel public platform for the two development of the tutorial, is well received and widely spread, and thus won the CSDN2013 annual blog star. The author of "micro letter public platform application development: methods, techniques and cases of" a book.


Micro channel public platform as the most important part of the micro channel, launched in August 2012 so far, attracting tens of thousands of business / individual developers to join the micro channel development camp. Micro channel public platform to develop the threshold is not high, as long as the theoretical basis for the development of Web, can be quickly started. But for many developers, you want to start or even proficient in a certain degree of difficulty, especially in the micro channel public platform gradually launched a custom menu, service number / subscription number, micro channel authentication, advanced interface, micro channel payment, the group of interfaces, the difficulty and complexity of learning has also increased greatly.

In this course, the lecturer Liu Feng will introduce the relevant knowledge of the introduction of micro channel public platform development.

Liu Feng CSDN

Course arrangement

19:50 - 20:00 login network classroom
20:00 - 21:30 video (Liu Feng)
22:00 - QA 21:30

Landing address:Http://

Course syllabus

Micro channel public platform based knowledge

1) to understand the micro channel and its development course
2) public platform
3) service number / subscription number
4) registered public account
5) the basic use of public platform
6) public account authentication

How to develop micro channel public accounts

1) edit mode / development model
2) public platform developer documentation
3) request verification
4) classification of messages
5) receiving and responding to messages
6) development environment
7) the writing of public accounts (based on Java).
8) using SAE
9) note


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