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Good thing to choose its cloud - the development of cloud five asked

For developers of the cloud, must be a closed loop, the true meaning of focus in cloud application development and business innovation, to provide services on the whole development cycle.

Bluemix IBM developer Championship awards ceremony and the end of the feedback activities

In December 12th 13:00--17:00, let us meet Zhongguancun Venture Street garage coffee, IBM and Bluemix to greet the new year.

Cloud computing skills global certification exam: you pass, I pay

I spend the money, you hit. At the end of the 11 Beijing exam, bravely before you dare to take that? Registration make an appointment: Name + phone, send mail to

IBM Chinese Fengyun battles

At present, the domestic market, bat, traditional IT vendors and traditional telecom operators for the preemptive occupation of the cloud market is fierce fighting, the AWS and Google cloud service providers face this market of China are eager, waiting in the wings

Select Bluemix IBM as the cloud platform for the top 10 reasons

In this paper, you will see all the technical content increased some diversity, to mention your supplier of choice of IBM bluemix as top 10 reasons to cloud platform of choice.

Bluemix IBM cloud platform landing in China, the registration that enjoy free experience.

Developer's super benefits, Bluemix free use! Site, write interface, testing, and so no need to spend money to buy the server! What do you want to do? 1 minutes have their own server, fast to register it!

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RockStar Community Technology Specialist

RockStar is a group of enthusiastic pursuit of IBM technology, willing to share the community active experts. Rockstar elite community program by IBM and CSDN co sponsors, to gather and to help the most widely used in IBM technology practitioners in the field, through CSDN and cooperation platform for the dissemination of technical knowledge, the impact on the wider it crowd.


The latest addition to the experts:

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Bluemix cloud platform practice: the command line of the art CLI CF