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Why is it the king of PaaS
Why is it the king of PaaS
Worklight IBM trial version
Worklight Developer Edition IBM is an independent, easy to install plug-in for IDE Eclipse. The plug-in contains development tools as well as the built-in application server, so you can easily develop, test and deliver your mobile applications without any other installation or configuration.
BigInsight Quick Start InfoSphere
InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition IBM is a free, downloadable, non productive BigInsights version of the Hadoop Apache (including MapReduce File Distributed Hadoop Systems) and Big IBM (including SQL, text analysis and BigSheets).
BLU for Linux UNIX, IBM, Windows
IBM & reg; DB2 & reg; for Linux & reg; and UNIX & reg; and windows & reg; is sound, enterprise class solutions preferred database, because of its ability to handle large amounts of transactional work load and data intensive analysis of workload. DB2 has been optimized for the industry's leading performance and continues to embrace the principles of low cost, ease of use and reliability, providing support for today's and future data applications.
WAS Liberty Core IBM
IBM & reg; WebSphere & reg; application server liberty core is a developer friendly liberty profile, lightweight, dynamic application server based on. Specifically designed for Web applications that do not require the full EE Java software stack, the WebSphere solution has been certified by EE Web 6 Profile Java.
Security AppScan IBM
IBM & reg; security appscan & reg; is a leading application security test suite to test in the software development life cycle management loopholes. IBM security appscan automatic vulnerability assessment, scanning and detection of all common web application vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflow and Flash/ flex applications and Web2.0 vulnerability scanning.
IBM New Technology University
IBM New Technology University
IBM emerging technology university, the focus of the two weekly magazine focused on sharing IBM related technology hot and practical cases, covering the IBM technology hot spots, typical cases, community interaction, quality blog, all kinds of online and offline activities, such as forecast, and the end of each month to send.Immediate subscription
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RockStar community technology expert

RockStar is a group of active experts in the community of IBM technology for the pursuit of a happy, willing to share. Rockstar elite community program by IBM and CSDN co sponsors, to gather and to help the most widely used in IBM technology practitioners in the field, through CSDN and cooperation platform for the dissemination of technical knowledge, the impact on the wider it crowd.


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