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Select Bluemix IBM as the cloud platform for the top 10 reasons

In this paper, you will see all the technical content increased some diversity, to mention your supplier of choice of IBM bluemix as top 10 reasons to cloud platform of choice.

11:30:30 2015-09-29

Bluemix IBM developer Championship

Long distance training camp, camp festival since opening! 27 prizes, you come to win!

18:39:41 2015-09-25

Interview IBM LAN Jian - Bluemix IBM for developers to bring a new experience

Recently, IBM bluemix joint CSDN in Beijing held a surging "cloud platform bluemix 24 hours application development challenge match". The event attracted participants from all over the country, but also experienced a long 24 hours after the emergence of a lot of excellent works.

11:05:24 2015-06-26

Bluemix IBM 24 hours of application development challenge held successfully in Beijing

Mobile Internet spring tide with cloud computing technology is developing fast, and for mobile applications, business and life with the craze has become the new profit growth point of service industry segments. For some start-ups, a direct cut into the user pain points, to solve the actual problem of the user's APP is likely to become famous overnight, and ultimately win the market.

11:04:48 2015-06-26

10 little things about Bluemix

Bluemix is an open cloud platform provided by IBM. Through the platform, mobile applications and Web application developers can access the IBM software to perform integration, security, transaction and other key functions, but also to access business partners to provide software.

16:57:14 2015-06-12

IBM acquisition of Box Blue to accelerate the opening of hybrid cloud

Through the acquisition of Box IBM, Blue will be able to help companies to quickly integrate cloud based applications and internal systems to OpenStack based hosted cloud. In addition, Box IBM can also enhance the existing Cloud OpenStack Blue series products.

16:56:39 2015-06-12

From the support of.NET to see how Bluemix helps traditional developer role transformation

Now, compared to the first landing Microsoft Azure cloud platform, IBM nature will not miss this huge market in China, with the number of people in the industry revealed that IBM has taken action, and actively seek cooperation partners. The latest news, Bluemix 2015 will be landing in China, as domestic developers we wait and see.

16:51:47 2015-06-12

Bluemix notes: ten applications

We hope you will enjoy these applications. If this can trigger your inspiration for the development and deployment of your application on Bluemix, let's get to know the progress you've made, and we'd like to hear your Bluemix application tutorial!

16:51:02 2015-06-12

More understand the developer's PaaS cloud platform

At present, the major IT giants for cloud computing PaaS layer product layout is also the basic dust settled, we are also actively draw the developer partner to establish their own ecosystem. Which Bluemix IBM, although not a few in the release of the first release of the product.

16:50:15 2015-06-12

IBM Hu Shizhong: technical cooperation will become the main theme

IBM and partners are no longer just product sales level of cooperation, but deeper into the deeper level of intellectual property rights and patents, the formation of a more closely cooperative relationship.

04:48:00 2015-04-21

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