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Intel Code Modern developer contest

Intel Code Modern developer contest

October 10, 2015

2015 Intel real sense of it (Intel R RealSense) hands-on development of experimental course

Action bar! 2015 Intel global real sense technology hands-on laboratory sessions roadshow to China, this in China will have two stations in the Beijing and Guangzhou, including a day of hands-on lab activities - oriented to aware computing, development of 3D and virtual reality in strong developers.

October 10, 2015

Intel developer zone

Welcome to the Intel Developer zone, where you will learn to for the software community, Intel offers many programs, products, resources and content. Understand the new technology, which can shorten the development cycle of your, and let the Intel Developer zone helps you to bring products to market faster.

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Support HTML5 offline storage in Tomcat

HTML5 offline tour need to set the offline file list (manifest), manifest need to set the MIME type, so that the correct identification of the MIME type, the type of error is not...

Four ways in the development of Android click event

In the development of Android, click on the event is very basic, a lot of control can be clicked, the most common is the Button. Today, we'll look at how to write click events.

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