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Create Bluetooth * low energy applications

This guide describes how to create a run on Intel Galileo or Intel Edison development board of the Bluetooth * smart / low energy consumption (ble) peripheral applications. The application of the user can be developed in the way BLE peripherals publicity. They can also read and write data by containing the corresponding features of the service.

January 18, 2016

Intel Internet of things products: transportation case

The goal of the project is based sensor network commercial development kit, including Intel material to construct validation of ideational function, then gradually into the industrial development solution phase and the industrial solutions using commercial gateway, industrial sensors, McAfee security software (McAfee security) and Wind River platform to achieve scalable product deployment based on.

January 18, 2016

To streamline the product of roads in the 2015 Intel Information Technology Summit

Developers of things is the next generation of innovators and visionaries. Looking around, it seems that someone is offering a new product or a new solution. Internet of things to solve the problem more and more, especially when developers will be their creativity to the extreme, with an unprecedented imagination to conceive and implement solutions.

January 18, 2016

Intel GALILEO: 101 -- Ethernet

In this guide, you will learn how to set network access for Intel Galileo development board, and through Ethernet to obtain an IP address. Want to learn about Wi-Fi* card settings? Please refer to the Intel Galileo development board integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card set

January 14, 2016

The use of hierarchical YOCTO image creation for the Intel GALILEO development board

This paper introduces how to from the source code for the Intel Galileo development board (part of Intel & reg; networking Developers Kit) to create an image. First of all, need to get a number of layers of the compiler image to be used.

January 14, 2016

Through the serial port configuration (SPP) will be Intel Edison development board to connect your Android mobile phone *

Android* phone or Android system to run the tablet, and with bluetooth. The Intel Edison development board connected to Wi-Fi* network, please refer to the third step: the networking development board.

January 14, 2016

Create and run MQTT Mosquitto on Intel Edison

Intel (R) Edison development board is a major characteristic is that it can not only be compatible with Arduino*, but also a Linux* single board computer, able to fully access the underlying Arduino function Linux draft.

January 11, 2016

The Intel real sense of IT technology and Intel EDISON development platform combined with the use of

In the post mobile era, we found that intelligent devices and things we never thought of to achieve interconnection, to build a world known as the Internet of things or IoT. IoT equipment is still in the initial stage, such as watches with pedometer, cars can be launched by mobile phone.

January 11, 2016

The use of Intel Edison motion perception

In this project, I will connect through Leap Motion USB, and through sketch Processing to Intel Edison to send data. Based on the application of the operation of the Intel Edison can read data, and check the user's hand is in front of Motion Leap, as well as whether or not the LED light.

January 11, 2016

The use of Intel in Intel EDISON development board network analysis

At present, smart phones, tablet PCs and notebook computers everywhere, to support our surfing, send and receive e-mail, chat with friends. But people want to be able to do more things through the device, such as remote management and monitoring of other computers and equipment. To this end, they need to be able to collect data from the Internet device networking equipment. A variety of cloud based solutions can help you achieve this feature. In this paper, we will introduce one of them: the analysis of Intel networking.

January 8, 2016

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Intel developer zone

Welcome to the Intel Developer zone, where you will learn to for the software community, Intel offers many programs, products, resources and content. Understand the new technology, which can shorten the development cycle of your, and let the Intel Developer zone helps you to bring products to market faster.

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