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The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 TM V3 product family technology overview

Intel Xeon (R) "processor e5-2600 V3 product family (codenamed" Haswell EP ") is based on Intel's new micro architecture of a dual slot platform. It is based on 22 nm process technology of the new "TOCK". The product can bring more features to the data center: more cores, larger memory and higher bandwidth. Therefore, compared with the previous generation "Ivy bridge EP", based on the performance of the platform of Intel Xeon processor e5-2600 V3 family of products will enhance 33%1. The platform has added many features (hardware and software). In the hardware side, more cores and higher memory bandwidth, DDR4 memory support, power enhancement, virtualization enhancement and some security enhancement (system management mode external call) are provided, they can improve the application performance significantly, without the need to provide any support. In the hardware side, there are HNI and AVX2. These software features require developers to provide application support.

October 15, 2015

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