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Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel, founded by Google Open Handset Alliance (OHA Open Handset Alliance) continued leadership and development, mainly designed for touch screen mobile devices such as smart mobile phone and tablet computer.

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    Twenty thousand seven hundred and thirtyConcernNine hundred and fourteenArticle included

  • IOS

    Four thousand six hundred and twenty-sevenConcernOne thousand six hundred and eighteenArticle included

  • Objective-C

    Four thousand nine hundred and oneConcernOne thousand three hundred and twenty-eightArticle included

  • Swift

    Three thousand nine hundred and sixty-fourConcernOne thousand two hundred and fifty-twoArticle included

  • React

    Two thousand six hundred and nineConcernThree hundred and ninety-threeArticle included

  • React Native

    Five thousand nine hundred and thirty-oneConcernOne thousand two hundred and ninety-nineArticle included

  • CSS3

    Ten thousand seven hundred and fifty-fiveConcernOne thousand seven hundred and sixty-eightArticle included

  • JavaScript

    Fifteen thousand two hundred and twelveConcernOne thousand five hundred and sixteenArticle included

  • Java EE

    Eighteen thousand seven hundred and twentyConcernOne thousand three hundred and ninety-nineArticle included

  • Java SE

    Twenty-six thousand five hundred and fifty-nineConcernFive hundred and seventy-eightArticle included

  • Go

    Two thousand three hundred and thirty-eightConcernNine hundred and eighty-twoArticle included

  • .NET

    Three thousand nine hundred and ninety-oneConcernEight hundred and thirty-nineArticle included

  • Java

    Twenty-seven thousand four hundred and twenty-nineConcernThree thousand seven hundred and forty-sixArticle included

  • Python

    Twenty-four thousand and fifty-sixConcernTwo thousand and eighteenArticle included

  • PHP

    Six thousand nine hundred and twenty-oneConcernOne thousand and ninety-sevenArticle included

  • Scala

    One thousand five hundred and thirty-sixConcernSix hundred and eightyArticle included

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