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About C currency mall:

C currency mall is to reward users in the CSDN platform to share the spirit. If you have the channel in the blog blog to share your experience, or in the forum for others questions, or resources in the upload download channel quality, or in CSDN any other platform.
Warm tip: if you need more help, please send an email to webmaster#PROG3.COM (send please '@') or call for the address in the "# ': 400-600-2320

About software mall:

Mall software is designed to provide software and development tools, one-stop procurement services for members and developers, its price transparency, a simple reimbursement, service in place, and advantageous platform for exchange and learning is let software purchase experience to the extreme.
Warm tip: if you need more help, please send mail to SW Sw_service#PROG3.COM (when to send you the address of '#' for a '@')

Common problem

About invoice
Q: how to get the invoice?A: the payment for the order page, on whether or not to invoices option is, invoice and the recipient of details can be left, we will arrange the invoice delivery.
Notes on the issue of special invoices for vat:

In order to you quickly and effectively obtain special VAT invoice, please prepare the following information and Solutions
1 a copy of the tax registration certificate of the value-added tax is generally accepted by the people.
2. Invoice information: company name and taxpayer identification numbers and addresses and telephone subscriber account shall, to the financial claim, each of these in cannot be set yourself free to fill in)Special reminder: VAT and invoice with no refund, please pay attention to!

Other common problems
Q: how to confirm that the order has come into force?A: your orders submitted after the success, the system will automatically send e-mail to your mailbox reservation. You can also email according to prompt completion of the payment, we confirm the payment after 1-3 working days with you and open services.
Q: how to pay?A: you can pay by three ways, pay (pay in 48 hours, otherwise orders will automatic cancel), micro channel payment and bank remittance, please according to your financial situation choose one.
Q: when the next single open software?A: after receiving confirmation we will contact your staff and, confirm the user information and the opening date, generally to confirm the user information after 1-5 working arranged on the opening. But because of all the different software vendors, the opening time will be adjusted to buy products that eventually prevail.
Q: where can I check my purchase records?A: you can navigate to the right "my order" to view all the purchase records under this account.
Q: does the delivery of the items in the package require the enterprise to bear the extra cost?A: under normal circumstances does not require companies to bear the delivery and the additional costs, but if it is due to the members of their own factors lead to the costs incurred, such as address fill in error led to the second delivery costs, by enterprises themselves.

Buying Guide

Software purchase process
Detailed graphic guide
Step 1: select the product you want to buy

*inputHttp://, into the mall home.

*Selection of goods:

1 click on the commodity classification of software mall, select the drop-down list of software

2 choose products recommended in the software or package combination

3 can also be directly selected software mall sales software

The second step: to understand the product, to buy or trial

*Enter the product details page, type and quantity according to your needs to select the options you want to buy software, and click Add to cart.

*You can go shopping or go to the shopping cart, you can in the shopping cart page modify the number of software or delete re purchase.

The third step: submit orders

*Enter the order page, fill in the order information:

1 contact information

2 payment (support Alipay and bank transfer)

3 whether to issue invoice and invoice information

*If you have special requirements, you can fill in the notes information

*After the information is correct, click submit order

The fourth step: payment order.

* payment (please make sure you have enough account balances and payment as soon as possible, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically)

*Bank transfer (please arrange the remittance in time, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time sw_service#PROG3.COM)

What is the C currency

C currency system is the latest introduction of the CSDN exchange mechanism, C currency to reward users of the community's contribution to the value.

What is the use of C coins

Users can exchangeCSDN college course,Forum available points, Download points, CSDN souvenirs, activities, prizes, etc..

Exchange prize information

During the C currency exchange platform for the new line, express fee free;
When you change the real gift of success, we will be served within 15 working days. Holidays and remote areas a slight delay, you do not have to pay for the gift when the gift.

How to get C coins

Perfect information to get C coins Now to improve

behavior Get quantity Explain
Improve personal information Five Improve personal information (name, professional background, etc.) to get 5 C coins

Mobile phone verification to get C coinsNow go to bind

behavior Get quantity Explain
Bound phone Five For the first time the mobile phone can get 5 C coins

Write a blog post to get C coinsNow go to the blog post

behavior Get quantity Explain
1 blog posts for each increase of 300 One Each post can obtain up to 10 C money, not less than 300 times the calculation
Blog expert monthly articles >=4 Twenty Monthly bonus, at the beginning of next month settlement
Ordinary users of the original monthly translation articles >=4 Ten Monthly bonus, at the beginning of next month settlement
Apply for a blog post and add 5 or more posts Twenty Can apply for a number of columns, one-time access to 20 C coins
Get CSDN annual blog star One hundred Annual award for the award of the CSDN blog of the year
CSDN blog contest winners Fifty Annual award for the award in the CSDN blog contest winners of the user
Bloggers have been named CSDN blog experts Fifty Blogger was named after the blog experts, can be a one-time gain of 50 C coins reward
Blog from other sites to move to CSDN Thirty The blogger blog from other websites moved to CSDN, a one-time gain 30 C money

Upload resources to get C coinsNow to upload

behavior Get quantity Explain
Resources are downloaded 10 times per One Each resource up to 10C currency, less than 10 times not calculated
Create a boutique album One Boutique album through the audit to obtain 1 C coins, up to 20 C coins

Issue technical topics to get C coinsNow to release

behavior Get quantity Explain
Technical experts point to 20 points per increase One Up to 20 C yuan per day, that is, to grow more than 400 points no longer get C coins
The technical area post is the moderator or administrator recommended Three Post is recommended, a one-time access to 3 C coins, a number of posts per day is recommended C currency does not accumulate

Answer questions to get C coinsNow go and answer

behavior Get quantity Explain
The answer is accepted as the best answer. One The user's answer was adopted as the best answer, access to 1 C coins
Grade upgrade, the system presented C coins N Each level of the user to upgrade, will receive a system presented the amount ranging from C coins
Answer the question of the reward area and be adopted N In addition to the answer to the adoption of the 1 C coins, but also additional questions to get a reward of C coins (the upper limit of a reward of 10)
Apply for enthusiastic person, ask a mentor and be approved 50/100 Apply for enthusiastic people / Q & a mentor to audit, get C coins

Q & A grade skills and upgrade to get C coins:

Grade Required skill value Upgrade bonus C currency
V1 Zero Zero
V2 Ten Two
V3 Fifty Five
V4 One hundred and twenty Ten
V5 Two hundred Fifteen
V6 Three hundred Twenty
V7 Five hundred Thirty
V8 Eight hundred Fifty
V9 One thousand and two hundred Eighty
V10 One thousand and eight hundred One hundred and twenty
V11 Three thousand One hundred and eighty
V12 Five thousand Three hundred
V13 Eight thousand Five hundred
V14 Twelve thousand Eight hundred
V15 Eighteen thousand One thousand and five hundred

Join the club to get C coinsMore information

behavior Get quantity Explain
For the first time through the programming exercises Integral equivalent C currency Title equivalent points X1 (only once per title)
Self testing score 60-69 One To set the number of respondents is on the line
Self testing score 70-79 Two To set the number of respondents is on the line
Self testing score 80-89 Five To set the number of respondents is on the line
Self testing score 90-99 Ten To set the number of respondents is on the line
Self testing score of 100 Fifteen To set the number of respondents is on the line
Other activities of the club Event designated C currency Only once per person per event

Submit code to obtain C currencyNow to create

behavior Get C coins integral Upper limit Explain
Open issue One One Five Monthly cap
The submitted merge request is merged Five Five Twenty-five Monthly cap
Push Git operation One One Five Monthly cap
Create a code sheet One One Five Monthly cap
Selected items Thirty Thirty   Selected several times, only to add a monthly cap
Selected selected users Thirty Thirty   Selected several times, only to add a monthly cap
Selected documents Thirty Thirty   Selected several times, only to add a monthly cap

C currency declaration

CSDN C currency and download points obtained shall be completed in the CSDN station, by any third party platform or software obtained C currency and download points belong to non legitimate means, and was most likely caused by your information leakage. Such as after verification, confirm the user get C coins and download points through illegal ways, we will freeze its CSDN account.
In order to safeguard the community standards, building a good community atmosphere, to avoid damage of your information security and community assets, we recommend that you CSDN C currency and download points obtained through formal channels (CSDN station).