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Core- JIRA project tracking management tools [with the support of Chinese technology]

Core JIRA (formerly known as JIRA) is a professional project tracking management tools to help teams create planning tasks, build and publish excellent products.

December 31 recently, online purchase orders 250-500 users give 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Core JIRA  
Planning, tracking, work - more intelligent, more efficient

Core JIRA is an excellent tool for the management of the entire software development lifecycle (including planning, development, release) of the project management tools, the world has hundreds of thousands of teams to choose Core JIRA, to track the daily affairs, and to make the team always get the latest information.

As the team grows, the amount of data in the existing defect tracking tools will be more and more large. By simply using the import tool, you can easily migrate these data to Core JIRA.

At present, there are more than 6300 JIRA users at the same time to buy the JIRA Agile plugin to practice Scrum and agile kanban.



Authorization mode:
A Software JIRA business license includes:
1 deployment of a single Software JIRA instance on a server in a production environment;
2 create unlimited number of projects and problems;
3 permanent use of Software JIRA;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version update and email support;
5 to provide all the source code.
For more information, please refer toEnd user license agreement (END USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN).
What is the number of users:
User number refers to the number of users who are present in the application and have access to the application. The number of users here corresponds to the number of registered users who have access to the application, rather than the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to anonymous users, anonymous users are not included in the number of users.
Chinese technical support:
Support for system operation failure.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the installation.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the upgrade.
Responsible for the software defects found to the original manufacturer
Instruction software configuration and implementation.
Technical support description:


1, technical support: in the period of authorization, to help solve the problems encountered in the installation of Atlassian related products, upgrades, and guide the implementation of related products, as well as support for the system operation, but does not include the compiler code, program code checks, software design or other consulting services. Technical support is limited to the purchase and registration of Atlassian related products in China, technical support language is limited to simple / traditional chinese.
2, technical support level: E-Mail support, three working days to reply.
3, by Xin Chong (Shanghai) Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Thinkpower) provides technical support Chinese experienced technical expert.
Technical support does not include: please contact us if you need any additional support! Email:sw_service@PROG3.COM; telephone: 010-57410251; QQ:2714137330;
Not in the technical support of the effective period of the customer
Not purchasing software products from CSDN
The original factory has stopped supporting the version, the Beta version, the release version, the development version, the user defined product version (custom = source code has changed).
Problems and requests for development
Support for non production environment
Third party application integration problems with third party applications
Support for end users (please refer to the necessary knowledge to obtain support)
Chinese Mandarin and English language support
Professional services (available for additional purchases)
Provide an overall solution
System customization and Implementation
System performance tuning
Deployment and load planning
Installation and upgrade services
Product training
Document writing and Translation

Why choose Core JIRA

bright spot

Defect and object tracking

project tracking

Source code integration


Why choose Core JIRA

All because you have all kinds of affairs
There is always a variety of issues to deal with in the work, and these are not just the Bug of the code. These transactions are filled in your inbox, and all kinds of thoughts are scattered in the Excel form, which is hidden in the original business system. Use JIRA core can easily capture and your affairs management, prioritize, put work on important things, and keep abreast of the latest activities of related business and colleagues.
That everything you have flow
No one knows your team better than you, so you don't need to be forced to use other processes, and you can customize the workflow that matches your team work in Core JIRA.
I plan to work, work plan
Team members can edit details by dragging and dropping to update the status of the story or the story in the pop-up view. You can see the status of all the tasks at one glance, and no longer need the entity's cards. Software JIRA makes collaboration more transparent, because everyone can share the same interface, whether they are local or remote.
The control team work focus
Simple and intuitive interface to help you access the required information, better cooperation with the team, to do their own work.
I don't know the last one
To maintain communication in a timely manner is very important. No matter how you like the way, mail, RSS or chat tool, Core JIRA are able to inform you in time. Monitor the flow of activities, panels, wall panels, etc., make sure you are never the last person to know what others are doing.

bright spot

The super simple operation
Simple does not mean that the cost of the function as a sacrifice. Core JIRA provides a friendly, intuitive configurable Web interface, and supports a large number of shortcut keys.
The tracking of any transaction
Tracking problems, tasks, requirements, and, of course, software defects. Define your own business type to match the team work.
The software lifecycle management
Core Atlassian is the core of JIRA products, management from the concept to the release of the entire development process. Gartner evaluation of JIRA Core is the leader in ALM products, see Gartner report.
The agile development plan
Agile JIRA is an agile development management plug-in for Core JIRA. Whether you're an experienced agile expert or a beginner, Agile JIRA can help you. Agile JIRA can help Scrum team to carry out iterative development and help Kanban team to carry out active flow management.
The configuration of your own workflow.
Only you know the way you work, change the Core JIRA workflow and workflow solutions to meet the needs of the team.
The link to the source code
When submitting code to the code base, the key word in Core JIRA can be related to the code of Core JIRA, and it can realize the tracking and management of code changes.
The link to other systems
Want to make Core JIRA a demand for tasks and Confluence needs of the document associated with it? Saleforce and Zendesk can be integrated with JIRA use it? No problem. By remote link, you can connect the JIRA problem to any external system.
The advanced search and report
Core JIRA provides a powerful query language JQL, to help you through the user interface to build a complex project report. JQL to find difficult to classify the problem, the formation of a specific report, building panels, wall panels are particularly useful.

Defect and transaction tracking

The fast track software defects
Core JIRA's web page enables testers to report, manage, and track defects quickly. Use keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate and modify the problem. You can also access the Core IDE directly from the JIRA problem or through a variety of other desktop clients, mobile client, browser plug-ins and other access to Core JIRA.
All your personal panel
You can configure your personal panel to show the issues assigned to me, view the status of recent events or related issues. Core JIRA supports OpenSocial gadgets, so you can easily share widgets with other Atlassian products and Web apps.
The Web application testing
If you are testing the Web application in the browser, you do not need to switch to Core JIRA, you can quickly capture and submit defects by Bonfire Atlassian.
We collect user feedback
Use Core JIRA's problem collector to collect feedback from other products, such as user suggestions and questions. You just need to add a button in other Web applications or websites, blogs, users do not need to log on to Core JIRA, by clicking on this button to fill in the feedback information, fill in the information will be immediately transferred to the Core JIRA. In this way, your development team or product manager can easily incorporate user feedback into the development plan.
The mobile phone to collect feedback
Increase Mobile Connect JIRA in your mobile applications, collect feedback from your mobile users. When the mobile application crashes, it is able to automatically send the full report to Core JIRA for analysis and reporting.
The pre Project Report
By viewing the project page and the built-in reports, you can directly access the project information, access the historical version change information, and future versions of the roadmap, run specific queries or share custom panels to your team.
The migration from other systems to JIRA
Before the tool is no longer suitable for the development of the need to switch to Core Bugzilla you can easily be Mantis, Trac, JIRA, Fogbugz, Tracker Pivotal and other data and projects into the JIRA.

project tracking

It's everywhere
Use Core JIRA to catch any type of problem - from the software defect to the new features to the needs and stories to the tasks and activities. You can easily define your problem type to match the team work needs.
User defined workflow
A project tracking tool should not determine what you are working on. This is your business. You can build a workflow based on the actual situation of the team in order to quickly adapt to changes in the development process.
The agile project plan
When the practice of Scrum or Kanban, using JIRA Agile can make planning and reporting easier. Via the JIRA Core+JIRA agile to your to-do list and sprint stage management, the application of lean development guidelines, you can visualize your development process and continuous improvement.
The impetus for the project Wiki
Connect the Core JIRA project to the Confluence space, and you can collaborate on product specifications and requirements in Confluence space. You don't have to leave JIRA to create the Core Confluence problem. In the Core JIRA panel can search for documents and embedded Confluence document page content.
The panel report and project
Choose the built-in project reports for time tracking, user workload and problem statistics. Use the JIRA query language (JQL) to run a specific report, add a list and a chart to the team panel.
We keep in touch
You can browse any project, problem or user's active stream by adding an information source to your RSS reader or panel. Activity streams show your code, construction activity, and related updates from third party applications, such as help desk or test case management tools, all of which are displayed in a separate active stream.

Source code integration

The firewall Git
Use Stash Git to create and manage the Atlassian repository, set fine-grained permissions and collaborate on code. All this - safe, fast, reliable, and more importantly, can be deployed in the back of the firewall. Core JIRA keyword automatically Core JIRA problem with your source code associated with. Support one click Browse code changes, track progress, and problems with source code navigation.
The code is hosted in the cloud
Can be managed in the Git/Hg code BitBucket library, and then integrated with the Core JIRA integration. BitBucket provides lightweight but robust code hosting solutions, and provides advanced project management features, such as pull requests, intelligent submission, etc.. Its reasonable price, very suitable for the use of small development team.
The construction of notification and release management
Integrate your continuous integration server (such as Bamboo or Jenkins) with JIRA, which will connect the problem to the building. Bamboo so that you can view the JIRA panel and the problem to see the interface at any time to understand the latest build state. Using Bamboo to set up a key release management to simplify your deployment process.
The promotion code review
Crucible code review will be added to your Core JIRA workflow, to ensure that each line of code in its release before the careful examination of the experts. You can directly start the Core JIRA problem page code review, such as the lack of the assessment can be found in the review of the corresponding sub task. In the Core JIRA panel, project browsing interface and the problem view interface, but at any time to obtain the status of the audit.
It will link the code line
Establish integration between your source library and the Core JIRA, connect the defects or development tasks with the code in the JIRA. Use FishEye to strengthen integration with configuration management tools (such as Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and CVS), to obtain detailed code to submit charts and statistics, to understand the recent changes in the code, as well as to browse the source code.

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