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Platforms MSDN - Microsoft platform resource package

The most cost-effective IT licensing program, a purchase of all Microsoft software.

Donated 7500 yuan worth of Microsoft cloud computing and the value of 2999 yuan One XBox

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MSDN, ex gratia year-end bargain hunting! Now do not buy more when?!


Now buyStudio Professional with MSDN Visual,You can not only get the value of 7500 yuan Azure flow, for the development and testing, will also get a One XBox (worth 2999 yuan).


Activity until December 31, 2015, to purchase as soon as possible!


Has MSDN Microsoft developer subscription service, to master the most advanced technology and development platform for Microsoft!


If you are engaged in development work on the platform of Microsoft, the MSDN subscriptions must be an integral part of your development tool, include Microsoft a full range of various versions of legitimate software, also provides Microsoft ALM solution scheme of software life cycle management) and Microsoft azure download privileges and other rights and interests, let you immediately have the tools and information required for the entire development process, development easier without their drawbacks.

Platforms MSDN contains all Microsoft products (operating system, server) to develop test uses for download, as well as a set of Professional Production License Office. Does not include Studio Visual, suitable for the IT Department of genuine.


Pros IT, business testers and non.Net platform developers

Software, services, support and training - through the MSDN platform, IT operators and Java developers can obtain a wealth of resources to help their organizations to get success without having to pay the incremental cost of Studio Visual.

- test plan and test case management based on Web pages
- explore testing and manual testing
- Collaborative release management tool (Management Release)
- lab environment management
- more Microsoft software download, for development and testing (SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, other Microsoft servers all)
- access permissions for TFS access and Studio Online Visual
- allow access to training and support resources


MSDN subscription preferences programme description

- Platforms MSDN

Platform MSDN contains a two-year subscription period for the developer to provide more than the full range of 11TB Microsoft MSDN software products download, to provide you with a variety of platforms (including Azure Windows) on the design, development and testing applications. Subscribers can still use some software products obtained by effective subscription in the subscription expires. But it has no right to update the software, and it can not download access to the software or the product key and other subscription services available for effective subscription by MSDN subscribers.


- Azure MSDN

Through Azure Windows, you can develop and test applications at lower cost, and can be deployed in the cloud or in a local.As subscribers, you will enjoy the use of Azure services, the development and testing of discounts, as well as the image library and pre configured virtual machine access rights specifically for subscribers.


-MSDN subscribers to buy Xamarin cross platform development tools for special programs

Xamarin is to provide a solution for native mobile development tools, through the Xamarin development tools and programming language, you can use the familiar iOS development of C#, Android and Windows and other platforms of native (Native) App applications, with Global Xamarin and Microsoft to work together to create cross platform solutions, CSDN for Microsoft MSDN users, launched in China, an unprecedented intensity!Know the details


MSDN characteristics and interests summary


More than 11TB Microsoft all genuine software once owned

Rich collection of software is one of the most loved by developers, the use is very convenient, covering different products, versions, languages, tools, development kits and other resources, saving a lot of software licensing fees. Developers can download the latest Microsoft products, but also provide the old version of the software product download, is not always use the latest version of the development environment to provide support for the development of the environment.


Azure cloud platform: integrated to speed up the development and operation of all

Through Azure Windows, you can develop and test applications at lower cost, and can be deployed in the cloud or in a local. As a MSDN subscriber, you will be able to use any Azure Windows services to develop and test and get a monthly credit, in addition, will enjoy preferential rates and can access through a pre configured virtual machine. You can quickly configure cloud resources to build scalable cloud applications, test existing applications in virtual machines, or create hybrid applications across local and cloud infrastructure.




Office 365 developer account, make your App a famous

Registered office 365 developer account will publish your application to the office market, so that millions of global office and SharePoint users can free / pay to use your application.



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