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Studio Enterprise with MSDN Visual (2 year period)

The most cost-effective IT licensing program, a purchase of all Microsoft software.

Presented the value of 11200 yuan worth of Microsoft's cloud computing rights and the value of 3888 yuan Surface 3 A

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MSDN, ex gratia year-end bargain hunting! Now do not buy more to be when?!


Studio Enterprise with MSDN Visual - Microsoft's top development tools portfolio, fold up. Have the function of all the former Visual Studio Ultimate flagship version, also contains all Microsoft products (operating system, server) development and testing purposes to download and use, and a set of office professional production license, as long as half the price, then returned to the 11200 yuan azure flow, for the development and testing, in addition, you will also get a Surface 3 (3888 yuan).


The deadline to December 31, 2015, to purchase as soon as possible!


With MSDN Microsoft developer subscription service, master the most advanced Microsoft technology and development platform!


Software, services, support, training and access to a large number of Microsoft development tools, including the new visual studio IDE, and the visual studio with MSDN or visual studio annual subscription. As a subscriber, you will get rich resources (including windows, IOS, Android and Linux first-class tool) to help you create, deploy, and management for your preferred platforms and devices, and many of the applications. Due to the access to a large current and past Microsoft software library resources, as well as azure credit and visual studio team services, you can get all the resources required for the entire development process support.


Studio Enterprise Visual 2015


Integrated end-to-end solution, suitable for various scale team are of very high quality and expand demand. Design, build and manage complex enterprise applications using a variety of tools and services.Can be extended to the entire line of Microsoft products, Microsoft's R & D capabilities to reuse.

Enterprise development operation and maintenance
More frequently deliver better software, to simplify and automate the development and it operations between workflow and faster deployment application. Using real time data analysis and production in the direct capture of data to more quickly repair Bug.

Corporate agility
By means of optimization of agile tools and project management for enterprise project, you can in high work efficiency and easy with cross project and team management.

Quality code
Automatically generate relevant unit tests for your code. Greatly reducing the new code or existing code unit testing workload, so you can focus on building products.

Unlimited load test
With the help of visual studio, the load test can be easily integrated into the development process, helping to avoid you encounter a bad accident in the production process.


MSDN subscription preferences description


Platforms MSDN
MSDN platform contains MSDN two-year subscriptions to the deadline, for developers to provide more than 11TB Microsoft full range of legitimate software to download and use, to provide you with on a variety of platforms, including windows azure, design, development and test the application of all the required. Subscribers can still use some software products obtained by effective subscription in the subscription expires. But not the right to update the software, nor by MSDN subscribers download access software or product key and effective subscription enjoys other subscription services.


-MSDN subscriber to buy Xamarin cross platform development tool special program
Xamarin is native solution of cross platform mobile development tools, through xamarin development tools and programming languages, can use familiar C# developed IOS, Android and windows platform native (native) app, with xamarin global cooperation with Microsoft to join hands to create cross platform solutions, CSDN to Microsoft's MSDN subscribers, in China launched preferential premium, unprecedented efforts!Understanding of the details


MSDN characteristics of the summary


More than 11TB Microsoft all genuine software once owned

Rich collections of software is a right of the developers love, use rise very convenient, covering different products, version, language, tools, development kit and other resources, to save a lot of money on software licensing fees. Developers can download the latest Microsoft products, but also provide the download of the old version of the software products, is not always use the latest version of the development environment of developers to provide convenient support.


Studio Visual: applicable to any application and team

Visual studio is a very complete tools and services to help you create a wide variety of applications for Microsoft platforms and other platforms. No matter whether you are in the design of mission critical applications in. Net, use C + + amp write very fast code, or test and debug HTML / JavaScript applications and run on many devices to connect with the cloud, can select visual studio as your basic development environment with what kind of development tools eclipse and Xcode).


Azure cloud platform: integration to accelerate the development and operation of all required

Through the windows azure, you can at lower cost and more rapid development and test application, and can be flexibly deployed in the cloud or in the local. As the MSDN subscribers, you will receive monthly credit due to the use of any windows azure services were developed and tested. Besides, still can enjoy the preferential rates and can be accessed through a pre configured virtual machine. You can quickly configure cloud resources to generate scalable cloud applications, in the virtual machine test existing applications, or created across local and cloud based structure for hybrid applications.


Office 365 developer account, so that your App a fame

Registered office 365 developer account will publish your application to the office market, so that millions of global office and SharePoint users can free / pay to use your application.



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