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CRM Zoho customer relationship management system

Using the Zoho CRM customer relationship management, sales process, marketing activities and service support, improve business efficiency.

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CRM customer relationship management, why Zoho is more suitable for you?

Award winning, functional integrity of the CRM software

Zoho CRM provides you in marketing and sales process, needed to use the functions and modules, won the CRM Magazine Best Global Small and medium enterprises CRM award.


Free trial, on-demand purchase

Zoho is a free 15 day trial, and have a professional team to help you understand the depth and experience Zoho CRM, truly effective payment. Can pay, can be paid.

Easily customized for you to use
Through a simple drag and drop, you can easily meet the personalized needs of the enterprise system construction. Our partners can provide customized services when you need CRM.


The trusteeship saved money
The use of Zoho CRM, no need to purchase expensive hardware, software and backup system, there is no need for a special IT. You just need a Zoho account.

Mobile office, the CRM carry
Whether you are on business or vacation, you can through the mobile phone or iPad anytime, anywhere access Zoho, dealing with important clients, clues, and opportunities, financial situation.
  More harvest, more fun
Using the Zoho CRM, you will have a variety of online office, email marketing, project management, business intelligence (BI), financial management application at the same time, enjoy the fun of online office.


Zoho CRM helps more than 50000 companies worldwide to achieve the "customer-centric" successful transformation

Sales automation, more transactions 

Automation collect clues, tracking business opportunities, send price list, record customer information, will you from the complex data release, a shorter period of time a more transactions.


Service support, customer satisfaction

CRM is also your customer service support center, through the fault notification, job assignment, knowledgeLibrary functions, provide excellent service support to customers.


Personalized, your unique CRM

Zoho has strong appearance of the interface, function module, rules of procedure for the customization ability, for your business to create a unique and exclusive CRM system.


Expansion CRM, so she is more powerful

Will your CRM and Zoho other applications or third party system seamless integration, to achieve data exchange, the structure is more suitable for your business needs solutions.


Marketing, orderly and effective

Zoho help you effectively plan marketing activities, carry out e-mail marketing, tracking marketing costs and calculate the rate of return on investment, and improve and optimize the way of the development of potential customers.



CRM Zoho detailed function introduction

Email marketingMarketing Management

-Planning and marketing activities, and assess the effect of

-Automatically obtain clues from web forms, online customer service

-Carry out the email marketing, communicate with customers or contact

-Import from the network to download, trade shows, seminars for clues

CRM marketing management




Marketing activity managementSales process management

From the distributional cues and tracking business opportunities, send quotation to clinch a deal finally, full supervision throughout the sales process, and pay attention to the important transaction.

Sales process management


Web formcustomer management

-All customer contacts, centralized management and related business information

-Follow up customer purchase history, analysis of up selling and cross selling opportunities

-Create quotation, sales order and invoice for customers

-Save notes and related documents

customer management




Sales area managementCustomer service and support management

CRM is also your customer service and support center, fast and accurate response to customer problems and to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer service management


Business opportunity managementCRM statistical analysis

-Provide a flexible, customizable reports and charts

-The analysis of key data, a graphical representation of the market, sales, customer service and other data

-Automatic report generation, and can be sent by email to the designated person

-Supported by PDF, HTML, XLS and CSV format report

-Integrated BI business intelligence toolsReports Zoho), more intelligent and more powerful

CRM statistical analysis



Cue managementpersonalized customization

Increase flexibility function modules, the definition of the business process, the rapid development of personalized enterprise application and meet the needs of the business management and operation.

Personalized custom CRM


CRM mobile terminal

By iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices at any time using Zoho CRM. Wherever you are, can timely access to the latest data, collaborative work with the team to make correct business decisions.

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-* cue application

-* business card scanning applications

Mobile CRM

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