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Projects Zoho online project management software

More than 100 users worldwide are using Projects Zoho to develop project planning, coordination team, and management projects.

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Management projects, only to be on time, smooth, efficient and common.

  • Project plan is more relaxed

    - control project plan by milestone
    - the task of classification, be arranged in good order
    - progress monitoring, at a glance

  • Collaborative office more intelligent

    - social communication
    - automatically push the completion of each person's task
    - focus on sharing calendar, document, Wiki, pictures

Project management in your pocket

- create and view projects and tasks easily and quickly.
- get the latest progress of the project
- record writing, speech notes

  • Functional integration is more powerful

    - integrated CRM, reports, email, quotation software, etc.
    - more rich and powerful third party office applications

  • Process management is more effective

    - project schedule to control, effectively solve the delay short board
    - load diagram, Gantt chart, provides a broad perspective

  • Team communication more smoothly

    - message "@", online chat, internal Forum
    - the best effect of multiple channels for communication


Project management

Through milestones, task lists, clear and reasonable arrangements for the project plan.



Schedule management

Scientific process management & professional insight & visual chart

Gantt chart


Communication management

The best effect of multiple channels for communication

Project communication


Bug tracking

Record bug and follow up until the test is resolved; trace the code changes on Bitbucket and Github.

Gantt chart


Powerful report

Projects Zoho is integrated with Reports Zoho to provide you with insights into the process of the project.

Project Report


Project collaboration

Play the strongest team collaboration, you can do more.

Project sharing


Project document management

- share office files with your team

- collaborative editing, complete online, no need to download

- version history, so that you have to keep a copy of each of the changes

Document management


Mobile phone App

- get the latest project progress anywhere and anytime.

- create and edit tasks

- use a cell phone to make a sound recording and time record.

Mobile phone APP


Enhanced integration

Both Zoho CRM, statements, mailbox, invoices, etc., or Dropbox, onedrive, Evernote ranking third party integration, Zoho projects can always bring you to surprise your office experience.

Project integration

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