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Creator Zoho online database development platform

The most simple and easy to use development tools, simply drag and drop can be completed; no need to download, online use, so that the system development costs down to a minimum.

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Creator makes everyone a technical expert


Different business has unique needs. You need a customized solution, an exclusive online form, database application or web system. Creator Zoho is the most powerful and simple web database application development tools, drag and drop page to create a form and configuration workflow more easily and quickly. From build to deploy, you can complete your application independently, thus saving the cost of hiring programmers. The most important is that the data stored in the cloud, you can access at any time, but also save the cost of infrastructure.



Why choose Creator Zoho?


Intuitive drag and drop interface, coupled with powerful features, so that Creator Zoho became the most easy to use database software, it makes the novice can become a powerful developer, anyone can create their online database applications, storage and share of information and data on personnel, financial, assets, sales, etc..


Creator Zoho is very suitable for individuals, small and medium enterprises and even the use of the Large Firm, you can put the development costs down to a minimum, even without the need to IT staff, you can create, upgrade, modify the application. For small and medium enterprises and individuals, you will develop your own online database application with the lowest cost. It will help you to collect and manage the data you need. The Large Firm can also avoid spending too much time on the application of research and development, but also to focus on key tasks.


  • Cloud database

    Creator Zoho can access at any time, and do not need to download and install.



  • Lower cost, easier to use

  • The development cost of Creator Zoho is much lower than the cost of the traditional application development, and the operation is very simple, simply drag and drop to complete.



  • Strong and flexible

    Unique Deluge script editor lets you use more powerful



  • Safety assurance

    All the data will be stored and backed up in multiple protected servers, your data will never be lost. And Zoho will provide the top level security.


  • Pocket database

    Creator Zoho through a strong mobile App, so that you can easily access all applications and data through the phone.


  • Fast and reliable

  • Creator Zoho only need to be able to open through the browser, even if the replacement of the computer, the replacement of office locations, your data will not be lost.



  • Collaboration is more efficient

  • You can share your application with many people, and you can make your application more quickly.


Using Creator- Zoho to customize your own application

Application, form production, has never been so simple

Just open the browser, through a few times to drag and drop, you can quickly complete the web application.
From simple contact management to complex CRM software, do not understand programming can easily get.

Automation, more intelligent

You can automatically perform the corresponding operation according to the pre set (workflow), eliminating the need to repeat the process, so that your form and application more intelligent.

Data driven decision

To help you collect data through more ways, and customize the professional reports and views to analyze the data to make a more insightful decision.

Mobile client

Synchronize data to your iPad or mobile phone, use the Creator Zoho management application and database anytime, anywhere, to experience the office on your fingertips.

Reduce the cost to a minimum

Development time and cost significantly lower, the data stored in the cloud, no longer need to hardware investment. Multi version of free switch, more free version to meet the business needs of different periods.



Version selection


One million applications, five million of users, hundreds of millions of smiles.


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