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Docs Zoho online Office

Online document editing and management of online store, edit documents, tables, slides, real-time collaborative editing and sharing

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Centralized management of all your files, multi-level directory, and more people sharing!


Docs Zoho: cloud disk used to manage documents

To store all files, anywhere access

As with all the cloud disk, Docs Zoho lets you store your files, and to view and share files anywhere and anytime.

Online file storage

File storage and management

All files stored in the cloud, easy to manage (can be new file, bulk upload; folder upload; mail upload file; full text search).

File organization

Multi folder structure; drag and drop multiple files to move between different folders; add tags (keywords) to file for easy search.

File synchronization

Can be immediately cross device synchronization file - computer, tablet... And at any time to get the latest version of the file.

Multi channel free sharing file

Easily share files through the link to the team, they do not need to download, you can browse online. Also to the document, form, PPT directly embedded in the website and blog. To be shared with the file set password and expiration date, the data is more secure.

Secure shared file

External sharing

Easy to share files or folders as a URL link to the body and outside of the body, or posted to the forum or blog, easy to view and download. Can also add password protection.

Document or form embedded web site

File release and embedding feature, you can embed online documents or tables to the site, you only need to change the contents of the document or table, you can achieve the dynamic maintenance of website content.

Direct online editing file

Uploaded to the Docs Zoho document, spreadsheet, slide, you can directly open and edit, you can handle your file anywhere, at any time.

Online edit file

Off line

- many people in different places to cooperate to edit, review, review

- formula editor, custom style, mail merge

Automatic spelling check for more than 75 languages

- compatible with Office Word MS format documentation



Online form

- create an online spreadsheet, multi format import and export

- more than one real-time editing / comment

- release to the inside and outside of the organization, embedded into the site / blog

- change auto save as a new version, which can be used to restore the old version

- automatically filter, generate charts, conditional formatting,VBA macro,

Perspective, more than 350 functions

Online demo document

- create an online demo document that can be imported and exported.

- sharing, can be more than one real-time editing

- release to the inside and outside of the organization, embedded into the site / blog

- embedded video, remote playback, etc.

- can lock the document for a single edit, and then unlock the unlock allows others to


Online collaboration, faster completion of work

Through shared files, online multiplayer editors, reviews, discussions, the team can make more reasonable decisions faster.

Multi person remote real-time file collaboration

Task management & version control

- can be directly assigned to the file to the relevant personnel, set the deadline, send notification, let others review;

- version control: document editing with the preservation, can be restored to the previous version, easy to review


Online collaboration tools

Sign in: a time period of collaboration can only allow a user to edit the document, that is, check out,

To avoid multiple repeat changes,Change can be signed to unlock;

- document review, online chat, group file...

Discretionary control of your business document

Through setting up the mechanism, password protection, the administrator report, user activity log, document in the inside and outside of the organization, to understand the situation of enterprise documents.

Document control

Manage users and groups

Can be added, import, invite users to agencies, centralized management of individual users and groups.

Management security policy

Can set strict security policies, assign different permissions to employees, to protect your sensitive business data.

Administrator Report

Monitor the type and size of the user's file, and follow the user's activities regularly.

Mobile office - this is efficiency

A good idea when you suddenly have a job on a crowded subway? Do not worry, Docs Zoho local mobile applications to help you create, edit, share files and collaborate at any time.

Mobile version of document management

Mobile application

Can view, edit the document from the tablet or smart phone and share, comment, etc..

IPad application

Specifically for the iPad optimization of local applications, simple and easy to use, I want to share the team at any time.

Integration, expand your file management

After integration, relaxed and third party disk two-way file synchronization, a key to send the file, choose Zoho docs file as a mail attachment. Integrated to make your work more convenient.

Integrated with other applications


Dropbox integration

You can access and edit the Dropbox file directly from Docs Zoho; access Docs Zoho files on a variety of computers and mobile devices.

App Google integration

Docs Zoho Apps Google; Drive Zoho; Docs Google; file management, sharing, permissions settings...

Remote API

You can use the Docs Zoho document online editing, collaborative sharing and other functions for your existing systems / applications, so that your software is more powerful.

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