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IDEA IntelliJ

IDEA IntelliJ 15 - many new features, with the help of the debugger, encoding, built-in tools, languages and frameworks, and more other features.

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Why chooseIDEA IntelliJ?

IDEA Java is not only the most intelligent IDE IntelliJ, restore health support web, enterprise level and mobile framework, to bring you an unparalleled user experience.

Enhance productivity: IDEA IntelliJ this award winning IDE Java aims to improve the productivity of developers.

  Write better Code: its smart editor, code analyzer, and a powerful set of refactoring features that give you an unparalleled user experience.

Start at any time, no need to debug: to support a large number of programming language framework and technology, after installation without debugging can immediately put into use.



Product function list

Substantial increase in efficiency

IDEA IntelliJ for all the support of the language and the framework to provide the most intelligent code assistant, so that a substantial increase in efficiency.

1 intelligent code completion (Smart Code Completion),Keep an eye on the context and help you to program more quickly.

2 real time code analysis (Code Analysis On-the-fly),When you enter the code, provide quick change recommendations to ensure code quality.

3 high level code refactoring (Refactorings Advanced),Change is more complex to ensure code security.

Developer Tools

IDEA IntelliJ integration of outstanding tools, so that the development of higher efficiency.

1 database tools (Tools Database) including the full function database editor, support SQL.

2 Designer Designer (UML), analysis and design class.

3 version control tool (Control Tools Version), unified interface, support Git, SVN, Mercurial and other control software.

4 construction tool (Tools Build), support Maven, Ant, Gradle and Gant.

Web development

IDEA IntelliJ for the most important web framework and standards, to provide advanced support.

1 more convenient to use MVC GWT, Spring, Vaadin, Play, Grails, Services, JSF, Web, Struts, Flex, as well as other frameworks for development.

2 including the ultimate code assistant, support HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JavaScript,

3 CoffeeScript, Node.js, ActionScript, and other languages.


Enterprise level development

IDEA IntelliJ integrated built-in tool set to create enterprise applications.

1 supportSpring, including data, Web services, security, bulk, Roo, integration, and other frameworks.

2 code assistant and development toolsEE Java, including EJB, CDI,JPA,Hibernate, support the most popular application server.


Mobile development

Use the IntelliJ IDEA mobile platform development, easy.

1 for Support Android including refactorings and handy UI designer.

2 support Android, including code refactoring, intimate UI designer.

3 tools Development for AIR Mobile with support for Android and iOS devices.

4 using AIR mobile development tools, support for Android and iOS devices.

agile development

IDEA IntelliJ is an ideal IDE for agile development.

1 directly from the IDE will be deployed to your application to the cloud.

2 use tasks and context management.Integrated bug tracking and context switching.



Supported language

1 IDEA IntelliJ supports a variety of languages, including:

2 the most popular JVM based languages, including Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure and Kotlin.

3 Python, and Ruby. PHP

4 SQL, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Server SQL and many other dialects.

Intelligent encoding assist

1 intelligent complete code

2.600 multiple code checking and instant code analysis

3 quick fixes for smart

4 automatic code generation and style settings.

Code quality maintenance

1.60 kinds of Cross Language Reconstruction

2 from attribute analysis

3 code duplication detection

4 "code coverage (Coverage Code)" and TestNG JUnit/ integration.

Integrated team environment

1 version control integration: Perforce, ClearCase, Subversion,

2 Visual, SourceSafe TFS, CVS, Git and Mercurial

3 Eclipse and Maven interoperability

4 TeamCity JetBrains integration

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