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Identity management in Crowd-Web application

Crowd platform is able to manage all application access rights - Atlassian, Subversion, Google applications, or your own application development.

December 31, 250-500 users to buy gift for 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Identity management in Web application

Provides an easy to use, easy to manage and easy integration of single point login and user identity management tools. Users may come from anywhere - Windows active directory, LDAP or Crowd itself, and even mixed together. In a location management access to all applications - Atlassian, Subversion, Google applications, or your own application development.

Authorization mode:
A Crowd business license includes:
1 a single Crowd instance is deployed on a server in a production environment;
2 connected with unlimited number of user directories and applications;
3 permanent use Crowd;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and email support (in English);
For more information, please refer toEND USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN (end user license agreement).
What is the number of users:
User number is the number of users who have access to the application in the application. The number of users here is the number of registered users who have access rights to the application, and not the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to an anonymous user, an anonymous user is not counted.


Connected user directory

Management Atlassian application



The central authentication server
Through independent management panel, you can manage users from multiple directories, as well as the permissions settings for different applications.
The SSO - single sign on
Single sign on means that the user is authorized to access all applications. This greatly facilitates the user, they just need to remember a set of user name and password can. Crowd supports single point login.
The connection of all
Crowd offers a variety of directory connectors, such as Windows active directory, LDAP, Sun, eDirectory, Server Directory, you can also create a custom connector. Crowd supports Atlassian full set of links management software, Apps Apache, Subversion, Google and other applications.
The integration of their applications
To provide a REST interface to the developer, you can get all the user and group information, do not need to learn LDAPv3. Do not need to affect your application, you can change the user directory.

Connected user directory

Support multi directory
Map users in multiple directories to an application, which is a good solution for managing users who are not in the home directory. In a local administrative authority, when the user is disabled, very simple and easy.
The management team members
Can not edit the user's group information in the directory, and your users will be placed in LDAP, and the group information is managed in Crowd. You can automatically add them to the specified group when you create a new user.
You create a user alias
This is often the case, the same user in the Subversion called Paul, and in the active directory called paunphy". By using an alias, you can let a user use the user's user name in different applications.

Management Atlassian application

The merge user base
The Atlassian application in the user migration to Crowd unified management, can significantly reduce the cost of management. Built in import tool helps you to facilitate the migration of users, and provide a single point of entry for Atlassian applications.
- SSO: single sign on
Just verify once, users automatically log in all Atlassian applications: JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo and other Crowd only supports single domain single point login.
The full time service
When you upgrade an application or need to stop the maintenance, to ensure that users can log in other applications.
Support project
Will become simple and complex. Crowd supports managing large scale users, groups, and applications.

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