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Server- Bitbucket (formerly Stash) is applied to the Git code base management of the enterprise team

Through Stash, you can easily create and manage code warehouse, set up fine access control permissions, in code level collaboration, it is safe, fast, suitable for small teams, but also suitable for large organizations.

December 31, 250-500 users to buy gift for 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Enterprise level Git code library management tool

Stash can be deployed locally, is a powerful enterprise level Git code library management tool. Through Stash, you can easily create and manage code warehouse, set up fine access control authority, in the code level to cooperate. Stash security, fast, both for small teams, but also for large organizations.

Authorization mode:
A Stash business license includes:
1 a single Stash instance is deployed on a server in a production environment;
2 permanent use Stash;
12 provide 3 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and email support (in English);
4 provide all source code.
For more information, please refer toEND USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN (end user license agreement).
What is the number of users:
User number is the number of users who have access to the application in the application. The number of users here is the number of registered users who have access rights to the application, and not the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to an anonymous user, an anonymous user is not counted.


Code base management

Opposite to enterprise users

Code view

Extended application



The simple Git code library management
Avoid managing the Git overhead for your team. Use the Stash interface to add users and groups, create and manage code libraries, and use Stash to make a logical grouping of code libraries - all that just a few seconds to complete.
The construction of enterprise team
On your server, application of your rules. Stash in the local deployment, support your growing Git code library. You can use the Stash internal directory to manage users and groups, you can also manage the user management to JIRA, or connect to your own LDAP or Windows active directory. We help you with everything.
The pull requests
Use the pull request to integrate the code review into your development workflow: review the code, add comments, and execute the changes, all of which are merged into the current code library.
The branch of authority
Write permissions for users and groups at each level. This will ensure the stability of the branch is in a stable state, while promoting the development of the branch. Git gives you strength, and Stash gives you control!
The code tracking
When using any version control system (including Git), the link between the source code and the problem may be lost. The connection between JIRA and Stash can be realized and the correlation between the problem and the source code is realized. The team can quickly find the source code associated with the JIRA problem, whether it's a tracking defect or a refactoring old code, and all the problems associated with it.
The fast browsing code
Keeping track of code changes in project Stash provides browsing code libraries, viewing change sets, searching for files and documents, as well as browsing differences.
- a growing ecosystem
Stash runs on your network, so the administrator can completely control it. Fully explore the expansion of the Atlassian market application, you can even use the Atlassian plugin framework and Stash rich API REST to write your own plug-ins.

Code base management

The self managed Git code library
Stash provides a centralized location to create and manage the Git code base on your own server. All the scattered code is focused here, and you can find the latest official version of the project and track the code activity.
The simple management
Git is very powerful, but it is not easy to manage it! Stash simplifies the management of Git. Create a project, add a Git version library, and assign permissions to a few seconds to complete.
The structure of the project
Because the Git project is typically not just a code base, the Stash provides a feature called the project. Projects can make you simple and direct organization and management code base.

Enterprise users

The enterprise team
Businesses need to be properly licensed and authority, so that we face it. Because of the complexity of IT, the Git team will spend a lot of time on the Git setting. Stash significantly reduces the workload of IT administrators in maintaining user management and permissions.
- your environment, your rules.
Stash adapt to your environment, you can completely control it. And it won't force you to use the pre packaged equipment you can't control. Since Stash is built on the same rugged architecture as Confluence and JIRA, it is easy to use Stash on any platform. And, if you want to integrate with the current development environment, Stash provides an open API REST for you to use.
The centralized user management
Regardless of the size of the enterprise, small business or fortune 500 companies, Stash user management and authority to meet your requirements. You can manage users in the Stash's internal directory, and you can also host a JIRA user management or connect Stash to LDAP server.
The fine grained access control
With a simple but powerful user interface, Stash allows you to set up a fine control authority, thereby maintaining a higher production efficiency.
Global authority to control access to the Stash project and the Stash server configuration for the user and group.
Project Authority - control user and group read and write access to the code base of the project.
Branch authority - control who can submit code to the specified branch in the code base.

Code view

The point-to-point connection
Development is not just encoding, but also need to understand the current state, and can foresee the future situation. Teams can use Stash to answer such questions quickly:
Which of the following questions through which to repair?
What branches are affected by a particular defect?
Is the change that has been made in order to fix a defect in order to merge into the trunk?
The more visual code activity.
Distributed version control is fast, so it is easy to miss the change. Stash makes the analysis of the history of your code is very simple. Browse through the latest submission, research, and find out what has changed, view the changes with comments, and identify which commit has been merged.
We avoid the blame
Source code responsibility system is very important. Not only because you can find out who the code contains defects, but also to understand the reasons for the preparation of a specific code. Tagging is a view to display the submitter and amendment of each line of code to understand who is doing what and when, and clarify the change of causes and effects. To get the right information, so you can avoid unnecessary accusations.
The interactive image difference
The development team is developed by the background, foreground development, quality assurance, performance testing, product management, and even the designer. They are part of the development process. Designers like interactive pictures -- a difference viewer found in Stash simple subtle differences between the pictures tool.

Extended application

The plug-in or homemade
Using Stash Atlassian is an extensible software. Stash in each interface, each action has a corresponding REST node. You can expand the Stash functionality by selecting the Atlassian or the third party developer to develop the plug-in to meet the specific needs of your organization, you can also customize their own plug-ins. More Atlassian plugin, please contact us.

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