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Ultimate ReSharper 10 - provides Build ReSharper for you to avoid redundant reconstruction, while providing continuous testing optimization, Studio Visual time line analysis, better code style management, NUnit 3 support, better C understanding, new C++ fast repair and program refactoring, improved JavaScript and TypeScript support, as well as anti compiled to IL code features, including regular expressions and JSX/TSX syntax.

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In November 2015 2, the purchase of a permanent authorization of the old customers will be entitled to a special discount of the new authorized subscription.For more information, please contact: Tel: QQ;:2714137330 010-57410251


Many.NET developers around the world wonder: how do they survive without ReSharper code detection, refactoring, and navigation?


ReSharper makes Visual Studio Microsoft a better IDE!


The powerful function of Ultimate ReSharper


Ultimate ReSharper, the integration of all the.NET JetBrains tools, ReSharper and C++ ReSharper authorization to help developers faster, better, more secure write code.


Support.NETLanguage andC++andWEBDevelopment

When using Studio C# for Visual (or VB.NET, TypeScript and other ReSharper built-in support language) and C++ programming development, Ultimate ReSharper can also help you in the different languages of the world development.


Performance analyzer at any time in the hand

Prepare to develop tools that are commonly used in order to solve the problem of efficiency and memory. Ultimate ReSharper will be packaged in a variety of tools, including dotTrace and dotMemory tools to help you immediately respond to the critical moment.


Enjoy consistent maintenance services

ReSharper Ultimate offers a one-year subscription service upgrade, all the tools in the package have the same service. You can free upgrade to all tools within a year to the latest version, can be a step in the renewal of service.


ReSharper Ultimate kit provides a market value of more than $one thousand authorized development tools combined with the most preferential price!

  • Code analysis, automatic correction code error, quick navigation, search, reconstruction, formatting and code generation
  • .NET unit test
  • .NET code coverage analyzer
  • .NET memory analysis
  • .NET memory test framework
  • .NET performance analysis

If you already have a ReSharper license, please contact us, we will provide you with the most preferential upgrade program.


ReSharper function overview

  • Code analysis:ReSharper through more than 1700 kinds of C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript and other techniques of the code to check the expansion of the Studio Visual, and ReSharper for the majority of the inspection to provide fast fix (lightweight version) to improve the code.

Analysis with ReSharper Code

  • Navigation and search:ReSharper helps you instantly locate any code in the solution, no matter how large the code is. It also allows you to browse from any symbol to the related code, such as the implementation of the specified interface, the extension of the class, or the field usage.

And search with ReSharper Navigation

  • Restructure:40 a variety of refactoring functions and more than 200 kinds of context operations help to allow you to safely organize your code in the entire solution to move, assign responsibilities, go to coupling, reduce complexity, or use other language syntax that can be replaced.

With ReSharper Refactoring


  • Code formatting and cleaning:Configure and apply code styles in the way that best suits you or your team. To be able to apply C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, and other languages with any size (from the selected items to the entire solution).

Formatting and cleanup with ReSharper Code


  • code generation:ReSharper can create a lot of code for you: from the new file and class to the conditional block and GUID (the global unique identifier); the way you need to implement the interface and attributes to the same inspection and formatting elements, and so on.

Generation with ReSharper Code


ReSharper how to help Studio Visual users


Code quality analysis

Instant code quality analysis for the following languages includes C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, ASP.NET, HTML, and XML. ReSharper will immediately tell you if there is an error in the code or if there is a possibility of further improvement.


Avoid errors and code smells

To avoid errors and code smell by instant fix. ReSharper not only points out the problems in your code, but also provides immediate fixes to automatically solve the problem.


Safely change your code library

Enjoy solution side refactoring to safely change your code library. Whether you need to use legacy code, or make structure orderly of your project, you can use resharper to achieve this.


Traverse your entire solution immediately

Navigation features help you immediately traverse your entire solution. You can immediately jump to any file, type, or member of the code library, or navigate to its usage, library, derived symbol, or implement from a specific symbol.


Code editing assistant

Provides a variety of code editing assistants, including the extension of the IntelliSense, hundreds of instant code conversion, automatic import namespace, re organize the code and display the document.


Meet code standards

Remove unwanted code by code formatting and cleaning and ensure compliance with encoding standards.


More function

Resharper also provides scalable project maintenance functions, such as high levels of reconstruction project from property inspector, template, international assistance and powerful unit tests run device and language specific functions, such as those for ASP.NET/ASP.NET function.

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Developers and companies around the world rely on.NET JetBrains tools


Forbes top 500 list of the top 100 in 65 companies are using ReSharper JetBrains. Thousands of small businesses that are relentless in the pursuit of improving the quality of software are ReSharper JetBrains users.



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