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WebStorm 11 - support TypeScript 1.6, Flow and Angular 2, and Yeoman integration, and other comprehensive improvements.

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WebStorm, cross platform IDE, to provide better development support for WEB development projects, specifically for JavaScript, CSS, HTML and a variety of Script design. It is a lightweight but powerful integrated development environment, fully equipped with complex client development and server development.


We collected some of the most exciting features provided by IDE WebStorm, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read the following and check out the screenshot below, you can download the product and try it yourself.

WebStorm function overview:


Smart encoding fill:WebStorm smart code editor perfect support for JavaScript, HTML and CSS, js. Let your code writing, error detection, reconstruction and other advantages!


Debugging, tracing and testing:Use a powerful JavaScript debugger and Node.js. Using spy-js to track code efficiently. Run unit tests using Karma or Mocha. It was all at IDE!


Seamless integration toolUse of efficient integration tools, such as: task runner Bower, and NPM Grunt, you can use the command line to minimize the use of. But at any time you need a terminal (Terminal), it's there, just like a IDE tool window.


VCS and Implementation: a unified UI interface using Git, SVN, Mercurial or other VCS to help you save time. You can easily deploy the FTP or SFTP configuration automatically.



WebStorm functional characteristics


- support for JavaScript

For large projects WebStorm work up will be more fluid, we have increased support for JavaScript. At the same time, it will also experience faster highlighted code as well as the code to complete the proposal, not only so also enhanced support for ECMAScript6, including the module syntax.

- TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6

For TypeScript 1.5, WebStorm also added support for its main functions: decorators and modules ES6.

- TypeScript built-in compiler

WebStorm can now quickly and easily use TypeScript built-in compiler to compile JavaScript, all of the compiler error report will run in the editor.

- Application dependency graph

Now you can visualize and explore the structure of your application with spy-js. The graph shows how the project file is connected to the function call in the run time function. New features work for your client and Node.js applications.

- Trace languages are compiled to JavaScript

Spy-js added support for TypeScript, CoffeeScript, code, or ECMAScript 6 transpiled JavaScript for source mapping.

- V8 application profiling Node.js

The new profiling V8 feature allows you to capture and analyze JavaScript engine CPU profiles and heap snapshots for your Node.js applications.

- improve Grunt integration

Because of the heavy Grunt integration update task, the task can be quickly read through the task to run or debug them.

- Dart Live analysis view

For your Dart project, WebStorm is now providing instant code analysis results, with Dart analysis server. You can quickly browse warnings or errors in the project's tool window or editor's focus list.

- Distraction-free model

When you need to concentrate entirely on your code, switch to a completely new distraction-free mode - a simple user interface, no toolbar, tool window, or label.

- sync edit HTML Tags

With this new editor feature, you only need to edit the HTML tag to improve work efficiency.





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