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CLion 1.2 - the introduction of Test Google support, a variety of increased CMake efficiency related functions, C++ debugger performance enhancements, new VCS features and more other features.

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CLion: a powerful tool for powerful programming languages


CLion is a cross platform smart C++ applicable to the C language and IDE. It is based on the IntelliJ platform, contains a number of intelligent functions, to improve the productivity of developers. This powerful JetBrains using IDE in the code quality, efficient encoding navigation, code intelligent filling, high speed encoding analysis, rapid repair recommendations, a wide range of code generation recommendations, excellent code refactoring, and support CMake systems and other aspects of the advantages, to help developers in Linux, X C/C++ and Windows efficient and efficient development OS.


Function introduction

system requirements

1 supports C language and C++ (including C++11, libc++, and Boost)

2 supports JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS

3 can be used for 64 bit OS, X Linux and 64 bit Windows system

4 support CMake

5 the most excellent code support features, including multiple cursor, smart fill and a key navigation

6 security automatic reconstruction code

7 code analysis function, to ensure the quality of the code, with a quick fix function

8 integration of the debugger with the "evaluation expression" function, STL rendering, etc.

9 integrated a number of popular control system versions, including Subversion, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce (through plug-ins) and TFS

Embedded interrupt and Vim-emulation mode (via plugin)

64-bit Linux, x64 7 Windows, 8 or x64 OS X 10.9+

2 of GB free RAM

Or KDE desktop for GNOME Linux

JDK 1.6 higher or

Minimum screen resolution 1024X768

64 bit Linux, 64 bit Windows 7 or X 10.9+ OS

2GB available memory

GNOME Linux or KDE desktop

Version 1.6 JDK or higher

The resolution is at least 1024X768



CLion function introduction


1 powerful editor and a key navigation function

To help developers quickly the code completion CLion of intelligent editor. At the same time, it also keeps the developer's code format and conform to the configuration code style. Using this intelligent editor can quickly select a block of code, you can also re sort the code.

  • - intelligent can match the lvalue type auto completion suggestions.

  • Multiple cursor to handle multiple editing tasks at the same time.

  • - according to the default encoding style, automatic code format.

  • - keyboard shortcuts that support selection, rearrangement, and quick comment.

2 code generation and reconstruction

CLion, developers can use before the definition of the release of the function, variables, data members or a class, in the IDE will be highlighted in red. At the same time CLion also provides a reliable reconstruction to help developers to maintain the quality of the code, this code refactoring applies to the entire range of changes.

  • - to create a

  • Executive / cover function

  • - menu

  • - Reconstruction


3 code analysis

CLion also provides dynamic code analysis, which can constantly monitor the potential errors in the code. If you find the code in the editor, it will present a quick fix to solve the problem.

  • - quick analysis code

  • - quick fix

  • - check by name and batch mode


4 support CMake

CLion provides support for CMake.

  • - automatic processing of changes CMake and targets CMake

  • - update the newly created C/C++ file and Cache CMake editor


5 integration of the mainstream version control system

CLion provides a unified interface for many popular versions of the control system to ensure that the user experience:

  • - Subversion

  • - and GitHub Git

  • - Mercurial

  • - CVS

  • - Perforce (plugin via)

  • - TFS


6 other

  • - Integrated debugger and problem tracker

  • Customization and extension

  • Divided into individual and Enterprise Edition

  • - free trial for 30 days.

  • - students and open source projects can be free trial

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CLion existing users


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