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Full function, Java All-in-One analysis tools, known as the best Java analysis and testing tools.

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The only award-winning Java analysis, aFull function Java profiling tool (profiler),Known as the "best Java profiling / testing tool"

Why choose JProfiler?

JProfiler is the only winner of the Java analysis. Its intuitive user interface can help you solve the performance bottleneck, specify your memory leaks and solve the thread problem., dedicated to the analysis of J2SE and J2EE applications. It is a powerful application of CPU, thread and memory. JProfiler can provide a number of IDE integration and application server integration purposes. JProfiler intuitive GUI allows you to find performance bottlenecks, grab a memory leak (leaks memory), and solve the problem of thread. It allows you to Walker heap for resource recovery of analysis root, can easily find out the memory leakage; heap snapshot (snapshot) mode to the object, a slightly referenced object, or in the end (finalization) queue will be removed; integrated wizard to analyze the browser's Java plug-in function.


Support platform

Version selection

Single license (Licenses Single):Single license is authorized to a single developer, allowing the developer to install multiple devices.

- license is authorized to give a single developer, it can not be shared by multiple developers.

- this product can be installed on multiple devices, but no other person can use these devices to ensure that no other person can use it.

- if the holder of the original license can be transferred to another developer after the JProfiler is unloaded.

-If you want to buy multiple setsJProfiler single license, please contact us for the offer.


Floating Floating (Licenses):Floating licenseAllows any user to install Jprofiler, which is controlled by a license server (Server license).

- the floating version of the license allows any user to install Jprofiler

- each floating license allows one to use a Jprofiler, each with a concurrent user who needs to buy additional floating licenses.

- after the purchase, you will receive a pure Java server pure (Java license), which must have a network access to the license server when using JProfiler.

-If you want to buy multiple setsJProfiler floating license, please contact us for the offer.


Support and upgrade:

- 1 years free upgrade (9.x Series) and the original technical support,Learn more technical support for the detailed content .


Function description

Real time analysis mode for local session

Once the user defined its application startup mode, JProfiler can be set up, the user can immediately see real-time data from the set of JVM. If the user does not want to make a session configuration, it can choose the most favorite of the application from multiple IDE plug-ins.


Real-time analysis mode of remote session

By modifying the VM parameter of the Java command line, the user can monitor the GUI JProfiler connection from any Java application. The setup program can not only run on the local computer, but also can be used as an additional program in the network. In addition, JProfiler also provides a considerable number of integrated wizard, which can be used to mainstream the application server that can help users to install and set up their applications.


Off line analysis mode

Users do not need to connect to the GUI JProfiler application can be set up. In offline mode, the user can use a powerful JProfiler trigger system or API JProfiler'to set the proxy to control, then save the snapshot to the disk. A user can then use the command line to export a tool or an ant task export tool, and then open the snapshot in the GUI JProfiler or the setting of the programming mode.


Snapshot comparison

In JProfiler, the user can save all of the current set of data as a snapshot into the disk. JProfiler provides a rich comparison function to compare the differences between two or more snapshots. The user can choose from the command line comparison tool and task ant to create a comparison report.


Memory analysis

The JProfiler's memory view session provides a dynamic update view of the memory usage and a view of the distribution point. All views have several aggregation layers and are able to display the existing objects and objects as garbage collection.

  • All objects
    Display class or package for all objects in the status statistics and size information. You can label the current value and display the difference value.
  • Record object
    Display class or all of the packages that have been recorded. You can mark the current value and display the difference values.
  • Assignment access tree
    Displays a request tree or method, class, package, or J2EE component that has a comment on the distribution information of the selected class.
  • Distribution hotspot
    Displaying a list, including methods, classes, packages, or J2EE components that have been assigned to the selected class. You can label the current value and display the difference values. For each hot spot, it can be shown that it's a tracking record tree.


Heap traversal

In JProfiler Heap (Walker), you can have a snapshot of the heap's status and can find the object of interest in the selection process. There are five views in the heap:

  • Class Classes
    Show all classes and their instances.
  • Distribution
    Displays the distribution tree and the hot spot for all the records.
  • Indexes
    Provides an index map display function for a single object and a path that shows a garbage collection root directory. Also provides the function of the merged input view and the output view.
  • Data
    Displays instances and classes for a single object.
  • Time
    A display of the recorded object resolution time histogram.


CPU analysis

JProfiler provides different methods to record access trees to optimize performance and detail. A thread or thread group and thread state can be selected by all of the views. All of the views can be clustered into methods, classes, packages, or J2EE components, and so on. CPU view section:

  • Access tree
    Shows an accumulation of the top down tree, the tree contains all of the recorded access queue in JVM. JDBC, JMS, and JNDI service requests are commented in the request tree. Request tree can be based on Servlet and JSP for the different needs of URL split.
  • Hot spot
    Show a list of methods that consume the most time. The back tree can be displayed for each hot spot. The hot spot can be calculated according to the method, JDBC, JMS and JNDI service requests and URL requests.
  • Access graph
    Displays a graph from the selected method, class, package, or J2EE component to start the access queue.


Thread analysis

For thread profiling, JProfiler provides the following views:

  • Thread history
    Displays an activity schedule that is associated with the thread's activity and the thread state.
  • Thread monitoring
    Displays a list of all active threads and their current activities.
  • Fixed probe chart
    Shows a fixed chart that contains all of the JVM. ,
  • The use of the monitor
    The monitor and display them including the associated thread.
  • Historical test record
    Show significant historical records of waiting events and blocking events.
  • Monitor usage status
    Statistical monitoring data for the display of group monitoring, thread and monitoring.


VM remote sensing technology

To observe the internal state of JProfiler, JVM provides a different remote sensing survey view, as shown below:

  • Heap
    Show a heap of usage and heap size activity schedules.
  • Object
    Displays a table of activity on the chart of the active object and array.
  • Garbage collector
    Show a schedule of activities for garbage collection.
  • Class
    Shows an activity schedule with a chart of the loaded class.
  • Thread
    Shows an activity schedule with dynamic thread diagrams.

JProfiler Awards


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