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Powerful multi platform Java installation file generation tool.

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Install4j is a powerful and easy to use multi platform Java installation package generating tool for generating Java application localization of the installation and application procedures. The merit of install4j is that it is easy to use, closely integrated to the target platform, and flexible JRE management and deployment options.

Broad platform support

Install4j can create media files for all of the major platforms:

  • All 32 bit windows operating system
  • 64 bit windows system
  • Fully supported Windows 8
  • OS X Mac
  • Unix
  • RPM DEB and Linux packages


Version selection

Single license (Licenses Single): a single licensing authority to a single developer, allowing the developer to install multiple devices.

- license is authorized to give a single developer, it can not be shared by multiple developers.

- this product can be installed on multiple devices, but no other person can use these devices to ensure that no other person can use it.

- if the holder of the original permit is to be transferred to another developer.

-If you want to buy multiple setsJProfiler single license, please contact us for the offer.


Floating Floating (Licenses):Floating license allows any user to install install4j, a license server (Server license) to control the number of concurrent users.

- the floating version of the license allows any user to install install4j

- each floating license allows one to use a install4j, each with a concurrent user who needs to buy additional floating licenses.

- after the purchase, you will receive a pure Java server pure (Java license), which must have a network access to the license server when using JProfiler.

-If you want to buy a number of install4j floating license, please contact us for the offer.


Support and upgrade:

- 1 years free upgrade (9.x Series) and the original technical support,Learn more technical support for the detailed content .

Product main function list

Development environment and compiler

Install4j makes the design and creation of an installation package unprecedented simple:

  • Easy to use for the installation package design IDE
  • Powerful built-in script editor
  • Code library with sample scripts
  • Create in IDE
  • Command line editor
  • Ant task
  • Can be created on any platform
  • Create debug install package
  • Support XML project file
  • Project can be exported to HTML
  • ......

Distribution tree

GUI install4j'allows users:

  • Arbitrary definition of its distribution tree
  • Configure multiple root
  • Configuration of multiple file sets
  • Using compiler variables in a distribution tree
  • Specify platform differences
  • Define permissions for Unix, Linux, and OS X Mac files
  • Definition of detailed unloading strategy
  • Define detailed coverage strategy
  • Define component installation tree
  • ......


Compile local starter

Install4j's local startup has the following functions:

  • Custom JRE/JDK detection
  • Flexible file path structure
  • GUI and console starter
  • Service loader
  • Custom working directory
  • VM parameter file
  • Execute a single sample in Windows
  • In OS X Mac to start the associated file to make a response
  • Windows version information resources
  • Vista Windows and Windows 7 can be configured to perform level
  • ......

Setup and uninstall program

  • Supports Java 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7
  • Compression algorithm using LZMA and Pack200
  • GUI installation package mode
  • Console installation package mode
  • Unattended setup mode
  • All installation modes have a unified screen and action configuration
  • Installation package's response file
  • Code identity integration
  • Localization for multiple languages
  • Language test when installed
  • If the installation fails or when the user cancels the rollback.
  • ......

JRE binding and select download JRE

  • Dynamic binding of a JRE
  • Static binding to a JRE
  • Install shared JRE
  • Prepare your JRE binding.
  • ......


Auto update function

  • Update template
  • Automatically generate update descriptors
  • Flexible update selection logic
  • API update
  • Update schedule
  • ......


  • Can be configured for all of the actions in the display screen
  • Action for script processing setup and uninstall programs
  • Desktop integrated action
  • File operation
  • "Finish" to display the options on the screen
  • Registry and first option save changes
  • Service action
  • Text file modification
  • XML file modification
  • Other actions


Update and upgrade

  • Application ID
  • Tip current location
  • Run the uninstall program to update
  • Stop Deployment Services
  • Test running program sample
  • Create an add ons.
  • ......



  • JavaBeans extended model
  • Easily integrated into custom code
  • Extended term
  • ......

Flexible definition of installation package application

  • Custom setup
  • Screen display and action group
  • By connecting the multiplexed screen and the action
  • Disable screen, action, and form components
  • Notes
  • Quick search
  • ......

Variable parameter

  • Compiler variable
  • Setup variable
  • Loader variable
  • Localization key


  • Can be configured to install the program and uninstall the program's screen display order
  • Standard screen display for common tasks
  • Configurable display screen
  • Form screen
  • ......

Setup API

  • Installation and uninstall environment
  • General service
  • Appointed platform service
  • Setup event
  • Display screen, action, and form components
  • Javabean framework




Install4j Awards

Java Installation Tool Best

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