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Powerful, reliable, cost-effective Java application performance management tool!

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Check the following contents, you will understand why the perfino will become the guarantee of business performanceBe the first choiceTool:

1 immediate discovery error  

- when you log in to perfino, the dashboard will immediately informYou are all successful or abnormal situation occurs.



- perfino will provide more sophisticated regulation for the degree of individual performance acceptance.



- you can customize the application and monitor the virtual machine's measurement threshold, and then check the dashboard, to ensure that everything is normal.

2 shows the call between the virtual machine  

- perfino can scan multiple virtual machines to monitor business transactions.



- in perfino, even if you do the method level sample, but the EJB server is reached and the call from the page to further the network service is interrelated.



- call not only to show you what is happening, but also to tell you what happened in the past.

3 abnormal situation  

- when there is a serious error, you will usually take some measures, such as a warning and email to collect more detailed data, etc..



- in perfino, you can use the trigger and response function to configure the emergency response strategy.



- in the perfino user interface, it is very easy to implement the function of "if the transaction is suspended and the thread dumps and sent to my inbox".

4 monitoring everywhere  

- perfino will capture the important scalar values in the virtual machine, such as the number of operations per minute of the database.



- the mini map on the dashboard and the virtual machine will give you an immediate assessment of the current trend, and then return to the initial state after the completion of the display.



- monitoring data is never discarded, and will only be converted into higher resolution (resolutions).


5 very flexible business transactions  

- perfino is able to detect a wide range of business transactions in containers servlet, EJBs, or RMI.



- in addition, perfino also offers a variety of ways to convert any of the calls to business transactions.



- use your own code to make an important comment or use API to create a transaction to determine whether you have a POJO method on the perfino user interface.

6 call tree (tree Call)  

- perfino will trade the transaction from your favorite analyzer to a cumulative call tree.


- level of detail depends entirely on your own configuration.


- as the transaction is very slow, the event will be displayed outside the call tree, so you can analyze the situation alone.


- perfino is also associated with the number of pages in the server business transactions and the browser.

 7 database performance and bottlenecks (tree Call)  

- database operations, such as JDBC statements, query mongoDB, and other NoSQL databases, etc., in the perfino is the most important part of the.



- when you ask "in my application, which SQL queries the slowest? "Perfino will send the answer to you as well as the results of the accumulation of the accumulated trace back tracking results for the business transactions in the search section.".

8 method level sampling  

- in order to review the internal structure of business transactions and the method of hot spot, perfino will be on a regular basis for each transaction method level sampling.



- for slow trading, you can configure automatic method level sampling. In many cases, these samples will give you an immediate solution to the performance problem that is not related to the database.


9 historical comparison  

For agile project management, it is very important to compare the performance of two points in time.



- with perfino, you can compare the selected business transaction or the whole call tree with unlimited backtracking.



- as time goes by, your data will be accumulated to a greater range of time, and the comparison function is directly constructed on the data views you use.

10 cross analysis  

- defense in depth is a strategy to be applied to many situations in life.



- when your business is taking a huge risk, perfino will provide local JVMTI sampling and direct the acquisition of data sent to the JProfiler analysis.



So, whenever you need to complete the function analyzer, it is in your hand and place. 


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