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Tailor the issue tracker for the development team. CSDN is the official partner of JetBrains in China, agent JetBrains's full line of products, please contact us for more details.

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In November 2015 2, the purchase of a permanent authorization of the old customers will be entitled to a special discount of the new authorized subscription. For more information, please contact: Tel: QQ;:2714137330 010-57410251


YouTrack is an innovative keyboard based problem and project tracking tools.



Function overview:


1 issue tracking

Using IDE tools to track problems and management tasks, to save a lot of time for the development team. Using intelligent search query, batch processing problems and convenient and quick way. The productivity of each team member will play to the extreme.

Tracking Issue


2 reporting and analysis

Through real-time dashboard display, all of the information you need to be in the forefront of the development process. Through different visual analysis of the data and monitoring the progress of the team.

Reporting & Analysis

3 Scrum or Kanban

Agile method by YouTrack's (board Agile). The use of Scrum, Kanban or comprehensive flow visualization team schedule, make project planning easy.

Or Kanban Scrum

4 time management

Track your team's time in design, development, testing, and documentation. Plan, evaluate and manage all team activities. Create time report, control the progress of the team, and compare with the original plan.

Management Time

5 customization

Flexible customization options so that you can focus on creating outstanding products. Customize any problem areas, you can create a new or adjust the existing workflow. Multi language support.



New features of YouTrack 6.5

- seamless integration with Teamware JetBrains

- seamless integration with Bitbucket and GitLab


Main function list

Management fault

Acceleration fault correction

Keyboard driven navigation

- Comment on the fault

Add monitor



Custom attributes

- use custom attributes

- workflow editor

- the most senior members

Custom workflow

usage scenario

Problem tracking management

- Project Management

Copy management

- feedback management


Report form

Matrix Report

- version notes

- export to CSV




fault management

Acceleration fault correction process

Keyboard driven navigation

- fault notes

Add detector

- application command

- E-mail or information form to send a notice

- vote on the fault.

Time to failure

- observation fault

Copy management

- UI for mobile devices

Instant failure report

- report in the form of a single shortcut

- create a fault report by E-mail

- Applet form report screenshot

- "create problem" bookmark

- Wiki tag

- makes the external speaker satisfied.

- fault report by other API

- modify the inserted code




Key integration

- YouTrack other API

- integrated TeamCity

- integration with Github

- integrated LDAP

- integrated OpenID

- integrated VCS

- integrated TestLink

- integrated Teatrail





- instant installation

- role based user management

- user time zone and avatar settings

- visibility for each problem.

Guest account

- user visualization






Quick problem finding

- search problem

- find results save

- add tags

- auto completion and highlight

- Screening

- supports open search







Typical customer


CSDN is the official partner of JetBrains in China, and the agent of JetBrains's full line of products. If you are interested in JetBrains's products, please contact us!

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