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Design Studio GUI

No encoding, professional user interface and rapid prototyping tool! The purchase of three sets of the above can enjoy more preferential, please contact us for quotation.

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 Design Studio GUIWhat is it?

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A professional tool for the design of a graphical user interface for application software, which can express ideas in a fast way to visualize, low cost, and zero risk.


- confirmation of design and demand

- development alternatives

- Assessment of different uses

A design tool for software designers, user experience professionals, business analysts, developers, project managers, consultants, and other people.


- recording product concept

- create project objectives

- create design model

A zero encoding, drag and drop user interface and software prototype design tool for web, desktop, mobile and embedded software applications.


- design screen interface and Web

- increasing user interaction behavior

- the software prototype of the test run

Now in your mind already have the product demand and the design idea of the general idea, right? So it's time to visualize these valuable ideas.


GUI design studio will provide a large canvas let your imagination. In addition, you can also decide which ideas really is very important, and which ideas are questionable, or is only superficial, these are manifested in the large canvases.


The GUI design studio, you have in mind a variety of ideas will not desultorily, visual effects will put these ideas into categories or mutual fusion, which not only clearly and completely recorded the idea, but also provide some new ideas.


120More than one kind of built-in design elements available


Using standard Windows controls, Web elements, and other generic elements to create the design interface, to provide a variety of variants to speed up the construction of a variety of circumstances. Different combinations of built elements can create custom controls and more variants.

Custom plugins and libraries


Design Studio GUI allows you to create your own set of common elements, you can also turn the design file into a custom element to facilitate reuse, in addition, you can also pack a custom element library to use with team members.

Reusable module design component


Design Studio GUI can be decomposed into smaller design components, so that it can be reused for any number of other design. Wherever you use these components, the changes will be reflected immediately.

For the application of the product more Pro Pro, then the better to understand how it is to meet the needs of the. The static model is of course a great start, but it is not perfect. User process is essential in the application design, so you need to paint a different interface and explore the link between them.


Design Studio GUI uses a graphical display of the design interface, a multi - purpose use of scenario examples, and a dynamic tab - like interface that allows you to communicate in a way that is quick and easy to understand.


Graphics rendering screen flow


The use of multiple types of navigation, modal layer and screen effects, making the screen link and picture conversion more simple. And make almost every element of each other.

Multiple uses of case scenarios


Add a use case scenario in any action, and change the application's process accordingly. According to user input data and scene selection, set business rules for different scenarios.

Dynamic tag type interface


You can simply create a tag type interface and dynamic content panel, and embed it into a complex application that allows you to control them by using a simple numerical distribution.

Whether it is to test the current design prototype, or from the specified starting point to run the entire project, the Design Studio GUI in a key to complete,No need to encoding or compile.


In Design Studio GUI, the turnover between product design and testing is very rapid, which greatly provides production efficiency.


You will find some of the problems that you can't find in the design phase only when you have a test. In Design Studio GUI, you can make a small adjustment to your design and carry out a quick test.  


Real-time running prototype


Users simply click "RUN" button, the prototype will display full screen mode based on page design to virtual browser frame.

Fast test scene


It can be used to create a data set that is used repeatedly in different scenarios, so that it is not easy to error and save time.

Export snapshot


Design Studio GUI can also export a snapshot of the prototype test, which is very useful for the improvement of the design.

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Existing customer


Design Studio GUI is currently sold to 35 countries and regions in the world, customers are mainly divided intoCorporate clients and college customers.


Enterprise customer



University customers


- Copenhagen Business School (Business School Copenhagen)

Malaysia University (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak) in Sarawak

- University of Southampton (of Southampton University)

- University of Iowa (of Iowa University)

- University of Leicester (of Leiceste University)



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