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Source Control SQL

Powerful productivity propeller! Database source code control to achieve the preferred tool!

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Source control will help you with your business development

Management visibility


Source control maintains the change history in detail, but also often with the use of defect tracking system.


For example, SQL source control allows you to the database tasks with Microsoft in team foundation server work items associated.


Backup, restore, and rollback


Your database and data warehouse store a large number of (or even all) important business information.


To master data change history, and to maintain its team to work efficiently is very important, as your backup and recovery strategy is as important.


Review and compliance


Compliance checking is influence to the entire organization, including the financial sector, the CIO, and each developer and database administrator.


For example, compliance audit will require DBA database of all changes are responsible for, and need to submit the details of all the changes.


Efficiency and scalability


Source code control greatly simplifies the change management work, let developers to work faster, so it for distribution in different regions of the team is is particularly important.


SQL source control to let these members to work on the same platform and simplifies the deployment process and increase the flow of complex automation and repeat the operation features.


acquisition cost


SQL source control can use standard development environment, to integrate with the existing source code control system, so the application procedure and the database developers do not need to change the way they work.


This means that by its difficulty is very low, without the infrastructure to make additional adjustments, so its acquisition cost is relatively low.


Source Control SQL product features


- because the SQL source control is running in SQL Server Management Studio inside, so you can easily record and share code changes.


- you don't have to stop what you are doing or communicate the script for the script to be written.


- storage and sharing any SQL Server object and a static data, in object explorer in two clicks to complete submission and updating.


- to view the new content, just check the SQL code lines that are highlighted by using a single.



- it is easy to roll back and resolve conflicts in the object explorer.


- this is equivalent to you a zero risk sandbox, if you want to try some of your database, it is boldly to do it, because you can undo any you feel changes need not exist.



- if you submit or update, Source Control SQL will maintain the integrity of the database for you.


SQL Source Control is using the same SQL and Compare engine, while the latter is a database synchronization tool for the best in the world.



You and your team can work in a shared database, can each use a local copy of the special.


- SQL source control supports two modes of database development, no matter what kind of mode, can help you to share code and avoid conflict and transparent management.



- in SQL Server Management Studio only one button to complete the current object locking, so you do the changes will not be rewritten.


- your team can also see what the content is locked, as well as the information on the lock.



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