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.NET code at a glance, hit the track bug!

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Product advantage


Have debugging applications


. net reflector can make you through the code itself, the third party components and you are using any compiled. Net code tracking vulnerabilities.


Have to understand how the application works


.NET Reflector allows you to inherit the application code to understand how to work, even in the absence of any documents and notes.


Have knowledge of API, SharePoint and the third party platform


. net reflector can make you more clearly understand the application program interface (API), SharePoint, the third party platform and the use of all the key code to run.

product function

Third party code debugging language


Using third-party technology to complete the work time and labor saving, but for not write your own library, inter group and platform is very difficult to debug. Reflector.NET allows you to pass your own code, third party components, and

Any compilation of.NET code tracking vulnerabilities used. You can view the third party code in Studio Visual, just as you can browse your own code.


Have any code easy to use


Programming languages, libraries, and legacy code are always not very good documentation and comments. Developers can using. Net reflector to decompile and observe the inner content, understand the application program interface (API), component, framework

And how to work with all the key codes used. The source code means not because of the document and helpless, you can understand how code is running, to avoid loopholes and can more easily develop

Third party technology.


Have a simplified SharePoint development process


Reflector.NET allows you to learn more about SharePoint components and how they work.

compare versions

Reflector.NET Standard Edition and VS professional version of the two versions.The following is a brief description of the functions of the two versions and comparison.

Edition Standard


Edition VSPro





Have a decompiler


The arbitrary.NET assembly is compiled into C#, VB.NET or IL


The application of the Visual language Studio debugger


Lets you debug your code, just as you would like to use the conventional debugging techniquesDebug their own code written in the same.

The third party assembly language debugging


Create a PDB file that allows you to step into the program code,Set breakpoints and use common debugging techniques.


Have a desktop application


Use independent applications to navigate and navigate the anti compiled code


Have a dynamic compiler


Seamless Studio Visual in the assembly, so for youLibrary, source code is always available.

Have a breakpoint using VS


F12 key - go to the definition, F9 key - set the breakpoint, F11 -single step


Have a search filter


Type the search content to easily get the results


Have a C#5 decompiler


Reflector.NET supports C#5 and.NET 4.5, so you can be the sameWhen the anti - compiled code and understand the asynchronous code.

To view the assembly language


Reflector VSpro.NET added in Studio VisualObject Browser Reflector, you can use the tree view GuideAircraft code.

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