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Prompt Professional SQL

A more rapid and efficient development of your Server SQL heavy weapon!

A one-time purchase of 5 sets or more, can be 20% discount; a one-time purchase of 10 sets or more, can be 30% discount.

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product features

Still a field of the preparation of the code?So, it is time to install this small and powerful intelligent syntax tips tool!

Intelligent JOIN condition tips

SQL prompt can not only make the most common command code, such as finding and insert quickly written, but also smart fill John conditions.

Shared slice

SQL prompt allows you to code segments are added to a custom library and with team sharing and team so that everyone can enjoy a more rapid and simple coding.


Restore history of the tab window

SQL prompt this function can restore you because computer accidentally crashes or other situation, but haven't enough time to save the SQL code that you write.

Security refactoring SQL code

Prompt SQL allows you to rename objects without damaging the dependencies and encapsulation, and store them together.

Unified SQL code format

Use the SQL prompt in just one click to SQL code format. This will greatly increase the readability of the code and ensure developers in the same coding standards for project development.

Eliminate invalid objects

SQL Prompt can eliminate the invalid object and useless variables, make your database keep it simple and reliable.

Operation list

You can put your code into blocks of code conversion, notes, and shortcuts more Ctrl+key makes it easy for you to use the relevant function.

Upgrade service for Studio Visual

You can now use more Prompt SQL features in Studio Visual 2015.

Upgrade according to your feedback

Prompt SQL will be updated regularly according to the forum and user feedback, please feel free to inform us of your comments.

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